Ana Gabriela Guevara does not see punishment in the reduction of scholarships: They knew they were subject to results and they signed it

Ana Gabriela Guevara does not see punishment in the reduction of scholarships: They knew they were subject to results and they signed it

The director of CONADE affirmed that she is not afraid of any rebellion by the athletes because she is acting in accordance with the law

This week it became official that there will be a reduction in the resources of the scholarships that CONADE grants to high-performance athletes who participated in Tokyo 2020, the director of the organization Ana Guevara He explained exclusively to ESPN that this was a decision that had already been known for a long time and that it is a measure that will not be final for the process towards the 2024 games.

“The point of origin lies from last year when FODEPAR was canceled, all the trusts were eliminated by presidential decree, this caused that ours that housed all the support for high performance was eliminated but we were just in the preamble of the Olympic Games In legal terms, there is an option that says that as long as there is no new thing, you can adhere to what is immediately in force, which in this case was the extinct FODEPAR, the operating rules, from then on the support was continued and there was no fault of scholarships, this was a commitment we had until Tokyo, then once the Olympic Games were over, the rule had to be applied and the adjustment made according to the results, as it was stipulated since FODEPAR was present and here what should be noted is that at this time there are no operating rules, we only We had adhered to go through the Olympic Games and once these Olympic Games were over, there was no way to move forward, then we are waiting for this new operating regulations and to know what the new criteria for granting scholarships will be like “.

“It is not a reduction itself, the tabulator that FODEPAR had we cannot continue to maintain because the model is no longer available, the fund had a technical committee and that technical committee decided who was awarded the scholarship and who was not, so I reiterate that There are no operating rules and we have to wait for what those operating rules are going to be, it is only a rearrangement between now and December, the operating rules have to be published between December 28 and 29 in the official gazette and they will enter Strictly from January 1 and then the athletes once they start competing again will tabulate again to know the amount to which they will be creditors “.

Guevara also affirmed that no athlete can be surprised with this measure since he ruled that everyone was aware that the supports are subject to their sports performance and they accepted it by signing their commitment letter.

“The important thing to note is that each athlete put in their commitment letter what was their expectation for the Olympic Games, it is not a requirement of us or a decision of us, each one put their expectation in their own hand and signed it with their fist and letter, today the notice that they send them from the high performance management is only a response of what they signed in handwriting “.

“This is a situation of a legal and functional nature within the body, FODEPAR had the goodness to be able to shield the budget and be able to be in another alternative dynamic of the operation of the institution but it is no longer there, however I comment that in the annex itself From FODEPAR there was a box where it made it clear that the scholarships were managed by perspective and that is where we parked ourselves to be able to travel, whoever had an Olympic or world games perspective had the right to 30,000 pesos of scholarship and that was the maximum we put for In this process, the minimum in perspective was for the semifinals and was 10,000 pesos, that is why those who did not manage to enter the semifinals reduced their scholarship to 6000 pesos and some who had better results than semifinals were able to increase the amount of their scholarship depending on the sport, that is the situation clearly it is not a blunt measure and it is only part of a process awaiting the arrival of a new regulation. “

The director of CONADE affirmed that she is not afraid of any rebellion by the athletes because she is acting in accordance with the law.

“I am not worried because at the end of the day many times we do not read the small print and in that small print it said that all beneficiaries are subject to abide by any government regulation, but the athletes do not read it, they only see their benefit, they say I have already received my scholarship And that is the only thing that matters to me, but there are those small letters where this situation was established and the letters were signed, the truth is that I am not worried about the issue of retaliation or that those who have not dared to say his name, in the end we are not doing anything at personal discretion, we are doing it in accordance with the law and with the haste and haste that this requires because the athletes do not slow down “. Guevara shared for ESPN.

Finally Guevara stressed that despite this momentary reduction in resources, support for athletes heading to Paris will continue in the same way.

“At the end of the day, it must be said that there is not an athlete who does not have support, they will have their scholarship and the continuity for the rest of their process will be, the State will continue to take care of travel expenses, food, multidisciplinary team and everything that need, the scholarship is only an economic stimulus for the athlete and not a maintenance, The rest of the expenses will continue to be borne by the state because no athlete could compete at the world level if you do not have that support, as I told you at the beginning regarding that if there was no regulation in force or authorized after the elimination in Tokyo, we should take these measures, “concluded Ana Guevara in a talk with ESPN

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