Barcelona SC vs. Flamengo – Match Report – September 29, 2021

Barcelona SC vs.  Flamengo - Match Report - September 29, 2021

The Brazilian striker Bruno Henrique scored the two goals with which Flamengo won this Wednesday 0-2, as a visitor, against the Ecuadorian Barcelona, ​​and took him to the final of the Copa Libertadores.

Barcelona could not beat the solid team from Rio de Janeiro that beat the Ecuadorian in the round trip matches with the same score and with all the goals scored by the Brazilian scorer.

Bruno Henrique’s goals for tonight fell at 18 and 49 minutes, in a match where Flamengo’s superiority was evident from start to finish, even with a better performance than in the first leg played in Brazil.

Barcelona took great pains as in that match, but the individual and collective difference did not reach the level shown by Flamengo, whose football generosity always led him to seek the opposite goal.

Flamengo came out with an offensive and quick proposal to try to surprise the local and stop him also on his way out.

Barcelona tried to get by and put up attacks, with two quick starts from defender Byron Castillo, in the first one he forced World Cup player David Luiz to extreme, who was injured and was replaced by Gustavo Henrique (m.10).

That offensive proposal with which Flamengo came out paid off at minute 18, when Bruno Henrique received a deep pass, faced goalkeeper Javier Burrai and with skillful maneuvering outwitted him and deposited the ball at the bottom of the goal.

Barcelona reacted and at the feet of defender Mario Pineida had the equalizer, but he finished off at the hands of the goalkeeper.

In the counterattack, Gabigol lowered the ball into the Barcelona area, it was received by Andreas Pereira and his shot from outside the area hit the right vertical, and for the 23rd minute, Barcelona enjoyed another option for the tie, but the midfielder’s shot Argentine Emmanuel Martínez came out on the crossbar.

Goalkeeper Diego Alvez saved his team from another opposing goal opportunity, blocking another shot from Martinez, from close range.

Flamengo’s soccer superiority was demonstrated at the end of the first half, against a Barcelona that resorted to all its arguments, but did not reach him again as in the first leg.

The urgency and need for Barcelona to discount, caused that it will risk in defense, of which Renato Gaúcho’s team took advantage, and with precise touches he left Bruno Henrique again in front of the opposite goal and with a shot at pleasure he converted the fourth goal of the series, the second of the game, at minute 49.

Flamengo returns to the final of the Copa Libertadores after two years, when in 2019 he won his second title in history by defeating River Plate in the only final in Lima (Peru).

While the National Emergency Operations Committee (COE) and the health authorities gave the endorsement for the return of fans to the stadium in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, with 30% of the total capacity of the stadium, the fans did not comply with the regulations and even showed bad behavior, which could lead to sanctions.

Data sheet:

0. Barcelona: Javier Burrai; Byron Castillo, Luis Fernando León, Williams Riveros, Mario Pineida; Bruno Piñatares (m.79, Matías Oyola), Michael Carcelén (m.56, Jonathan Perlaza), Emmanuel Martínez, Adonis Preciado (m.46, Damián Díaz); Gonzalo Mastriani (m.79, Sergio López) and Carlos Garcés (m.56, Gabriel Cortéz).

Technician: Fabián Bustos.

2.Flamengo: Diego Alvez; Mauricio Islas, Rodrigo Caiao, David Luiz (m.10, Gustavo Henrique), Filipe Luis (m.70, René); William Arao, Andreas Pereira (d.76, Bruno Viana), Everton Ribeiro, Giorgian De Arrascaeta (d.76, Pedro); Gabriel Barbosa and Bruno Henrique (m.70, Michael).

Technician: Renato Gaúcho.

Goals: 0-1, m.18: Bruno Henrique; 0-2, m.49: Bruno Henrique Referee: Roberto Tobar, from Chile, assisted by his compatriots Cristian Schiemann and Claudio Ríos, admonished Andreas Pereira, León, William Arao, Piñatares.

Incidents: Second leg of the Copa Libertadores semifinals played this Wednesday at the Monumental stadium “Isidro Romero or Banco Pichincha”, owned by Barcelona, ​​played before some 13,000 fans. EFE

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