Erik “Terrible” Morales describes what Pacquiao’s qualities were in the ring

Erik Terrible Morales describe cuáles eran las cualidades de Pacquiao sobre el ring

In the historic career of the former Filipino boxer Manny pacquiao, Erik “Terrible” Morales has a special place. He was the first Mexican to defeat him and he was also the one who experienced firsthand the boxing evolution of the Pacman, against whom he was knocked out twice more.

In interview for LEFT PUNCH, Morales He highlighted his virtues and the intelligence he showed in the ring. The Terrible describes what it was like to fight Manny pacquiao.

On March 19, 2005, Erik morales defeated by unanimous decision Pacquiao to achieve one of his greatest victories as a boxer.

For that fight, as he recalled Morales, He had to return to classic boxing and adjust aspects that hurt the Asian.

“I did speed, I returned to a very classic boxing to be able to fight with him,” he explained. Morales. “Walking to my left, I made important details, and working at medium distance, being on top of him, but at medium distance. I think that was enough ”.

Even in that fight the Terrible He surprised and went out to fight as a left-hander in the last round despite the danger that could mean. It was not something improvised and the Mexican assures in a forceful way when asserting that it was “part of the job.”

After the initial victory came losses for Erik against Pacquiao

After that triumph, Morales and Pacquiao they met again twice, on January 21 and November 18, 2006. On both occasions the victory went to Pacquiao, who was later named the “Devourer of Mexicans.” They were two battles with which they closed their particular trilogy and in which the Tijuana native could feel firsthand the evolution of his opponent.

“He had more consistency, more speed, better physical work,” he commented. Morales. “I think it’s inevitable, I think that was one of his greatest virtues, arriving well prepared for the fight.”

When taking a tour on the trajectory of Pacquiao and the qualities he showed on the ensogado, Erik morales particularly highlighted the speed he had. But, particularly, that he was left-handed, something that many could not decipher. In addition, he was very smart when studying his opponent already in the ring.

“Mobility, speed and above all that he was left-handed, that confused everyone a lot,” he said. Morales. “Besides that it held up well, it did hold up well. And above all, he learned to read you very quickly, what he had to do and what not to do, that gave him strength, he was very intelligent ”.

Many of those qualities kept Manny pacquiao long in the boxing elite and led him to win world titles in eight different divisions. In consideration of the Terrible, they were almost always the same qualities, they were just as decisive in achieving their goals.

“He was a fighter who was almost always very the same,” he explains. Morales, who rules out that this was a disadvantage. “His virtues hardly changed, they were almost the same, but they were enough. As he was left-handed, few understood that situation and at the top they didn’t understand what was happening ”.

Manny’s place in history, according to Morales

Because of the history that the Filipino made in more than 26 years as a professional boxer and the conquest of titles in eight divisions, the Terrible considered that it would be difficult to see another similar case. Erik He did not want to place him in some step among the best of all time, but he assured that Pacquiao yes it is at the top.

“It is difficult to see something like this again, it is complicated, but there is one and we will have to recognize it as such,” he says. Morales. “I am not very given to deciding where people go; that’s up to the fans. I think it is in a very high place, but it is of taste, there will be those who say that it is in 1, 2, 3, 4; I don’t know, nor have I thought about it, but I understand it and I know that he is at the top of boxing ”.

Finally, he commented that what was done by Pacquiao Throughout his life, from getting out of poverty to achieving success, he is an example that “if you put in effort, work, dedicate yourself and have faith in what you do, you can achieve whatever you want.” He also applauded the retirement of the Filipino: “he is a great fighter, he has done many things, I do not see the case for him to follow in boxing.”

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