“He was the real devil”: Nacho Beristain explains what Pacquiao was in his coaching career

Era el verdadero diablo: Nacho Beristain explica lo que fue Pacquiao en su carrera como entrenador

If someone knew as an opponent Manny Pacquiao, that was the mexican coach Ignacio “Nacho” Beristáin, who was in the opposite corner of the Filipino on five occasions and whose speed of fists stood out. In addition, he describes him as the “real devil” on the ring.

“He was a fighter with terrible speed, when he fought with Juan (Manuel Marquez) told him: ‘we are going to work very hard because we are going to face the real devil’ “, he recalls Nacho Beristain in an interview with LEFT PUNCH. “And so it was, three times in a round he put a fighter of the great qualities as a boxer on the canvas, technically speaking, as he was. Juan Manuel”.

Nacho Beristain recognized that Pacquiao It represents a lot in his coaching career. It was five times that he faced him, four training Juan Manuel Marquez and one more with Oscar de la hoya.

“It means a lot in my sports life, a lot, just the four times I faced him Juan they were definitely terrible, ”he recalls Beristain. “And then I attended (as a coach) the Golden boy in a totally unequal fight. It was a very tough fight for Oscar de la hoya), who was not of age to face such a terrible fighter as Pacquiao”.

In addition to recognizing the quality of the Asian and different qualities such as his speed, Beristain He said the eight-division champion had few weaknesses. This, despite having trained a great rival for the Filipino, as it was Marquez, who knocked out the Pacman spectacularly in his fourth lawsuit. Don nacho believes that, in justice, Marquez also beat Manny in the third fight, although this time the Mexican was stripped of the victory by the judges.

“I saw very few weaknesses in Pacquiao“, Explain Nacho Beristain. “Only that Juan (Manuel Marquez) he was a superb counter-puncher since he was an amateur. He was a boy with great powers of counterattack. And even in the third fight he boxed him so well that he beat him the whole fight. But it was a shame that they did that time they stole the fight. the same Pacquiao He just said it, that he never faced a fighter as great as Juan, who was the only one who read perfectly the way to fight ”.

Manny pacquiao finished his career with a record of 62-8-2 (39 KOs). He was also champion in eight divisions (fly, super bantamweight, featherweight, super featherweight, lightweight, super lightweight, welterweight and super welterweight). He announced his retirement Tuesday night, as he will now be focused on seeking the presidency of the Philippines.

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