Historic awards for the worst Mexican Olympic delegation in 25 years

Historic awards for the worst Mexican Olympic delegation in 25 years

The Mexican government will deliver 106 million 860 thousand pesos to the participants of the Aztec delegation in Tokyo 2020, where the results were not the best

The Olympic and Paralympic delegation who represented Mexico in Tokyo 2020 It is the one that has had the worst results in the last 25 years, but it will go down in history as the one with the best prizes, because each athlete will receive only 240 thousand pesos for participating and, together, the Mexican government will give them 106 million 860 thousand pesos, approximately, more than double what was delivered in Rio 2016.

As reported by Conade, each athlete will receive a prize of 240 thousand pesos for participating in Tokyo 2020, something that had never happened in the history of Mexican sports. In addition, the winners of the bronze medal will receive another 240 thousand pesos, per discipline, those of silver 560 thousand for each silver and 740 thousand for each gold.

The money to pay the prizes will come out of the raffle at the Azteca Stadium Box, which was held on September 15 and the amounts will be distributed to athletes starting next week (possibly October 6).

In the payment of the Paralympic and conventional athletes who participated in Tokyo 2020, 54 million 480 thousand pesos will be invested for 227 athletes, plus 960 thousand pesos in four Olympic bronzes and 9 million 420 thousand of the Paralympic medals.

To this will be added the prizes that Conade will give, which will be 17 million pesos for the bronze, Paralympic and Conventional medalists, plus four million for those who got silver and another 21 million for those who brought gold medals that were they achieved in the competitions that were played in Tokyo 2020.

In the London 2012 edition, the Mexican government invested 17 million pesos in prizes for athletes and in Rio 2016 almost 53.7 million were spent, now 106 million 860 thousand pesos will be allocated, a historic figure, for those who were in Tokyo 2020 .

Tokyo 2020 Athlete Awards:

54 million 480 thousand for 227 participating athletes

960 thousand for four Olympic Games bronzes (JO)

3 million 120 thousand for 13 bronzes Paralympic Games (JP)

1 million 120 thousand for two JP silver

5 million 180 thousand for seven golds JP

4 million for Conade JO bronzes

13 million for Conade JP bronzes

4 million for Conade JP silver

21 million for gold Conade JP

TOTAL: 106 million, 860 thousand pesos

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