Lucuix: “We must not settle, we are again at the door of glory”

Lucuix: "We must not settle, we are again at the door of glory"

The Argentine Futsal National Team defeated Brazil 2-1 and Matías Lucuix will reach his second World Cup final in Lithuania. The first was as Diego Giustozzi’s assistant in Colombia 2016. And now as head of the group, in the continuity of a virtuous process, where, as Matías says, the group was overcoming different problems and learning to win on the fly: “It is a group that went through many adversities, and that was strengthened from the collective. We are very good when we are together, when our thoughts come together. I want to thank Diego Giustozzi for that, that he started with this.

Regarding this Wednesday’s game, the former Inter Movistar player assured that the most important thing was to stay focused on what they had planned and deliver every last drop of effort: “We knew how to keep a cool head. We played against one of the best Brazilian teams in history. We had to hold on to that ability and winning mentality that we have. We always had the idea of ​​being competitive. We had to give one more plus and today the players they gave it. “

Portugal or Kazakhstan ?: “They are two very tough rivals. We cannot choose, the one that plays will be a unique match. There is one more step left, obviously we are excited. We leave knowing that we will have the opportunity of our lives again, once again in the palm of our hand.”

Finally, at the closing of the conference, Lucuix delivers an intimate conviction, the idea that they brought to Lituani: “We had the dream of playing all seven games and now we have to go for everything. We don’t have to settle, we are once again at the door of glory.”

Captain Leandro Cuzzolino also attended the post-match press conference. And there he left his impressions: “We will see later if we will remain in history or not. But I am already proud of my teammates who leave their lives, of this coaching staff as well.”

The rest of Wednesday can be celebrated, but as soon as the rival is known, the group will focus again: “As of tomorrow we must put our heads in what is going to be the final. Today we will celebrate it calmly, thinking about what is coming. This team is never satisfied, it always goes for more. We have to rest because the wear was A lot. We are looking forward to the big game. “

Finally, before saying goodbye, Lean as his colleagues call him, he left a message for the people in his country: “We thank the Argentines who join us. They also deserve it.”

This is how the semifinals are played

Brazil 1 – Argentina 2

Portugal – Kazakhstan (Thursday 09-30, 2pm)

This is how the quarterfinals were

Brazil 1 – Morocco 0

Argentina 1 – Russia 1 (5-4 Argentina in penalty shootout)

Spain 2 – Portugal 4

Iran 2- Kazakhstan 3

This was the round of 16

Russia 3 – Vietnam 2

Venezuela 2 – Morocco 3

Kazakhstan 7 – Thailand 0

Argentina 6 – Paraguay 1

Brazil 4- Japan 2

Uzbekistan 8 – Iran 9

Portugal 4- Serbia, 3

Spain 5- Czech Republic 2

Group phase results

Group A

Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica

Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela

Costa Rica 0 – Venezuela 1

Lithuania 0 – Kazakhstan 3

Egypt 1 – Uzbekistan 2

Venezuela 1 – Kazakhstan 1

B Group

Russia 9- Egypt 0

Uzbekistan 4- Guatemala 5

Egypt 6 – Guatemala 3

Uzbekistan 2 – Russia 4

Guatemala 1 -Russia 4

Costa Rica 6 – Lithuania 2

Group C

Morocco 6-Solomon Islands 0

Portugal 4-Thailand 1

Solomon Islands 0 – Portugal 7

Thailand 1- Morocco 1

Solomon Islands 4 – Thailand 9

Portugal 3 – Morocco 3

Group D

Brazil 9- Vietnam 1

Czech Republic 5- Panama 1

Panama 2- Vietnam 3

Brazil 4 – Czech Republic 0

Czech Republic 1 – Vietnam 1

Brazil 5 – Panama 1

Group E

Angola 4- Japan 8

Spain 4- Paraguay 0

Spain 4 – Japan 2

Paraguay 4 – Angola 1

Japan 1- Paraguay 2

Spain 4 – Angola 1

Group F

Iran 3-Serbia 2

Argentina 11- United States 0

Iran 4 – United States 2

Argentina 4 – Serbia 2

United States 0 – Serbia 7

Argentina 2 – Iran 1

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