Rafael Santos Borré: “I left many brothers in River, but I think about the present and the future”

Rafael Santos Borré: "I left many brothers in River, but I think about the present and the future"

Rafael Santos Borré is happy. The Colombian, who has already done six appearances on his new team Eintracht Frankfurt, scored his first goal against Cologne to break the 569 minutes of drought and start walking the path that crowned him as a great striker in River Plate.

“What is most difficult is adaptation,” said Martín Demichelis about the South American players who make it to the Bundesliga. Borré talked about that and much more in an extensive interview with bundesliga.com.

“I’m happy for it, for getting a draw for the team. They were attacking, the ball went through our area and ended up on the other side. I saw that the ball went to our right back and I saw that I didn’t have many passing options. , so I leaned back a little bit to help start the play. He chose me, I was able to control him and turn, and then he signaled me to pass him in front, so I played him into space, he chose Jens free in the center, Jens made the switch to Filip, who was in a great position for a center, and from there I only had the desire to reach the area because I knew there could be a loose ball or a good cross from Filip, and it ended up being a great center for him that I only had to convert at the far post. “

“The commander! He came from Argentina, in a very important game that we played against Independiente. I brought him from my house, he always used to bother my family as ‘Yes sir, yes sir’, as a commander, and that’s how it came about.

And I said: ‘One day I’ll do it in a match’, and right after against Independiente I made a very nice goal and I decided to do it. “

“I think my time here has been quite positive so far. I feel very good, I have integrated very well into the group, the club has welcomed me very well and I feel very comfortable in that sense. My family is very happy here. We are all very happy, and I really like the intensity of the Bundesliga; the teams always go on the attack, they want to win, it’s a very fast game. I like that. I think that as time goes by, we are a team with many new players, but we will continue to grow together until we get that click between us that we need to get the results we want. “

“Eintracht fans always expect their players to represent their team in the best possible way. I come from another team where the mentality was also to win, a very good mentality, and I am used to the expectation that a club like River.

So yes, Eintracht fans deserve the highest level and quality of their players, and that is what I will try to contribute in every game to make the fans feel proud and feel that their club is well represented. “

“The first weeks have been good. We are very happy, my family is happy, we have found a place where we can share a lot, Frankfurt is a much quieter place than Buenos Aires, which is a capital and there is much more bustle. Frankfurt is a Mix of everything: if you go to the center there is a little more movement, but in other areas it is much quieter and much more suitable for family life, and I like that a lot.

We are very happy here, and we are just trying to learn a little more about German culture and adapt to everything. “

“I think the language is more difficult than the weather! The language, because the weather is not that cold in Buenos Aires at the moment, but I experienced it a bit and you get used to having a part of the year that is cold. So in that sense, we will try to adapt to the weather, but I think the language is definitely more difficult.

We are getting used to it, hearing so much every day, you get used to certain words and that helps you catch it a bit. “

“I think obviously we live a very different life in many aspects. In Argentina, football is crazy for my family, the ritual of going to the stadium is very stadium-like. Here we have not yet experienced the culture of going to a match. , but that was something very fun that we did there, every game was a show.

And then obviously, I will miss the friends we left behind, my family, I left many brothers in River, we spent many years together and won many trophies together, so that always stays with you. It will be very difficult to forget that. So yes, they are things that are always missed, but you have to try to think about the present and what is coming in the future ”.

“It is very different this time, very different. The first time I came to Europe I was very young. I came from Colombian football and I think I did not have the experience for the great challenge that was to come to one of the biggest teams in Europe. Here In Europe, you face players of a very good level, and I think I hadn’t experienced some important things yet.

Today, at this moment, coming from a big club like River, having had so many important battles, so to speak, at a high level in South America, playing against the best teams in South America, with great players who had also played in Europe and came back. to South America, I think that gives you something else, and then, of course, playing internationally with River, leaving home, shows that you can play at that level. That gives you something else to return to Europe ”.

“I always said before making the decision that it was a great moment for me. I had the option to go anywhere, really, to a place where I felt comfortable, or to a bigger club.

I decided on Eintracht because I really liked the project they had presented. The club showed me something I wanted to be a part of, a place where I would be an important player, where I would feel important. That’s what i wanted.

I was going back to Europe, and I wanted to do it in a way where I went to a club where I was an important player, where I felt important to the project. Eintracht gave me that, they showed it to me, and in the time I’ve been here I’ve also seen it that way. And as for my contribution, I have tried to be an important signing for the team and for the project, and I have tried to help us move forward. “

“From my point of view, Bayern is a great team and they have shown it for a long time. They have a way of working and high quality players who are very effective on the pitch, perhaps some of the best in the world. But we know that In the Bundesliga there are usually games that can go a bit crazy, if you can say that, in which anything can happen.

We hope to have such a night. We want to be very focused and try to take advantage of the opportunities they give us.

We know that it is a team that is not going to make many mistakes, but if we force them to do so, they can fall into that and we have to take advantage of it ”.

“I always say that when I was very young, obviously in terms of players in Europe and on the international scene, international players, I really liked Robin van Persie. I saw Van Persie a lot, because he was a player who moved differently, he scored all kinds of goals, he was very good on the pitch. And then, a little closer to home, Falcao. Falcao, when he started at River, then he went to Porto, he was a forward who really started to stand out and I had him much admiration.

Today, it is an honor for me to share the field with him in the national team, and to see some parallels between what he had for his career and mine. “

“God willing, I’m going to go to the World Cup, and I think making the decision to go to the Bundesliga will be the best way to prepare for that World Cup, because I think the Bundesliga is a league that will help me mature much more, and take advantage of what I had in River.

That European experience that I wanted to have to be able to compete at the international level, or at the European level, there are many attributes in the Bundesliga that will help me in the World Cup. “

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