Rescia: “It’s a historic match. I don’t allow myself anything other than to enjoy it”

Rescia: "It's a historic match. I don't allow myself anything other than to enjoy it"

The Argentine Futsal National Team defeated Brazil 2-1 and will play the final against Portugal that beat Kazakhstan 4 to 3 in definition from the penalty spot, after equaling 1 to 1 in regular time (Kazakhstan tied with 50 seconds to go) and 2 to 2 in extra time (Portugal equalized to foul 75 seconds).

Now that they know the rival, in the Argentine team the celebrations are over for having eliminated the classic rival and they focus their sights on the last and great objective: the decisive match this Sunday at the Kaunas Arena, from 14 in Argentina.

– Don’t you run the risk of loosening the tension after having overtaken Russia and Brazil?

– We are a team that has been together for a long time and we know perfectly what we have to do. Every game we try to be as respectful as possible with the coach and to be applied to what he asks of us.

And for Maximiliano Rescia, the player who will be turning 34 when the World Cup ends, it is neither a game nor another tournament. He knows that he probably has few battles left to continue sharing with this group, which is going for its second World Cup final in a row: “It is a historic match, perhaps the most important of my life. I do not allow myself anything other than to enjoy it”, affirms the Levante player of the Spanish National Futsal League.

For example, Pablo Taborda -category 86 -already announced that you are his last games with the Argentine team. Damián Stazzone is also 86, and Maxi, Cuzzolino, Brandi and Borruto were born in 1987. It is very difficult for them to complete another World Cup cycle. Hence, the importance of this final.

Maxi had promised his son and the rest of the family that they would reach the final. Why was he so sure? “Look what we did against Brazil, if one failed, the teammate was behind to solve it. I knew we could do this, play 40 demanding minutes at a very high level.”

The man born in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Coghlan, raised in Villa Urquiza and trained at the Pinocho school, felt that some injustice had been committed with the group led by Diego Giustozzi and that in Colombia 2016 he had raised the Cup: “There was a lot of talk in the previous World Cup, that we had not beaten strong rivals. In this we played in the most difficult group. We beat Paraguay, Russia and today Brazil. Five years later the team is still in force and stronger than never”.

And although Brazil is already an anecdote, it will be an anecdote worth telling: “They are a power, they are a great team and what we did was not easy. We had a very high level throughout the game, we threw ourselves headfirst into each ball. I was very happy with the result, but even more so that we are transmitting our philosophy “.

This was the semifinals

Brazil 1 – Argentina 2

Portugal 2 (4) – Kazakhstan 2 (3)

This is how the quarterfinals were

Brazil 1 – Morocco 0

Argentina 1 – Russia 1 (5-4 Argentina in penalty shootout)

Spain 2 – Portugal 4

Iran 2- Kazakhstan 3

This was the round of 16

Russia 3 – Vietnam 2

Venezuela 2 – Morocco 3

Kazakhstan 7 – Thailand 0

Argentina 6 – Paraguay 1

Brazil 4- Japan 2

Uzbekistan 8 – Iran 9

Portugal 4- Serbia, 3

Spain 5- Czech Republic 2

Group phase results

Group A

Kazakhstan 6-1 Costa Rica

Lithuania 1-2 Venezuela

Costa Rica 0 – Venezuela 1

Lithuania 0 – Kazakhstan 3

Egypt 1 – Uzbekistan 2

Venezuela 1 – Kazakhstan 1

B Group

Russia 9- Egypt 0

Uzbekistan 4- Guatemala 5

Egypt 6 – Guatemala 3

Uzbekistan 2 – Russia 4

Guatemala 1 -Russia 4

Costa Rica 6 – Lithuania 2

Group C

Morocco 6-Solomon Islands 0

Portugal 4-Thailand 1

Solomon Islands 0 – Portugal 7

Thailand 1- Morocco 1

Solomon Islands 4 – Thailand 9

Portugal 3 – Morocco 3

Group D

Brazil 9- Vietnam 1

Czech Republic 5- Panama 1

Panama 2- Vietnam 3

Brazil 4 – Czech Republic 0

Czech Republic 1 – Vietnam 1

Brazil 5 – Panama 1

Group E

Angola 4- Japan 8

Spain 4- Paraguay 0

Spain 4 – Japan 2

Paraguay 4 – Angola 1

Japan 1- Paraguay 2

Spain 4 – Angola 1

Group F

Iran 3-Serbia 2

Argentina 11- United States 0

Iran 4 – United States 2

Argentina 4 – Serbia 2

United States 0 – Serbia 7

Argentina 2 – Iran 1

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