Ruglio responds to the fans: how long will Álvarez and Facundo Torres enjoy Canario?

Ruglio responds to the fans: how long will Álvarez and Facundo Torres enjoy Canario?

Spoiled by the fans. Care by the leaders. Orders to the selection. After a long time the fans of Peñarol they were excited again with the discovery of two diamonds from their quarry. Facundo Torres placeholder image and the Canary Agustín Álvarez Martínez they achieved such a particular magnetism that people began to take them to the hall of idolatry.

But of course, when two young people break their eyes and at such a young age they reach the senior team and make their debut in a Eliminatory, the doubt invades: How long will Canario Álvarez and Facundo Torres play in Peñarol?

The president of Aurinegro, Ignacio Ruglio, revealed in the program Exclusive rights radio station Uruguay that received the most important offers in the country for the aforementioned players.

“For El Canario and Facundo, for both of us, there were millionaire offers and any of the two offers that arrived were the largest offers in the history of this country. Any of these offers financially protected the three years of our mandate. With one of those two sales I made sure that the mandate was going to have three years of salary payments but, because we were behind the glory, we did not sell them ”.

Ruglio added that Torres and Canario Álvarez will soon complete their cycle at the club.

“Knowing that it is a period, staying until December they have already fulfilled. I told them not to leave in this period. I am very grateful to their families and their representatives who are key because we can have Los Aromos very armored with Darío Rodríguez speaking all day of belonging, with Gaby Cedrés who tells them to stay to make history with his club, with Bengoechea and the Indio Olivera, but your family can tell you you have to leave now that it is the opportunity of life ”.

The aurinegro president affirmed that he made a promise to the two players.

“What I promised both of them was that they would stay until December, which in December they fulfilled. The contracts they have abroad are contracts of four or five years at incalculable fortunes per year. With five years of contracts they fix five generations of their family ”. And he revealed a detail of the talks with the relatives of the players who asked him: “And if the player goes bankrupt in two months, how do you solve the issue? In those talks I try to be earthy and not eat the president’s story, and I tell them that if something goes wrong the club will cover it. We managed to keep them until December, perhaps because they have an enormous sense of belonging and in that sense of belonging we have to continue working with those who come. The Máximo Alonso, the Valentín Rodríguez, the Agustín Da Silveira, all of us who are preparing to be the Canario Álvarez and Facundo Torres of 2022 have to see what they do to replicate it and become a custom of each generation that comes up ” .

Ruglio concluded by saying: “It ended up getting them to stay until December, that is the reality of Uruguayan football. If a fan stops me and says hold on for three more years, I have to say, Look, that will not happen, start to duel now because in December they will leave and start to fall in love with those who are going to come.”.

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