The situation of former world champion Miguel Ángel González worries; Chávez offers help

Preocupa situación de ex campeón mundial Miguel Ángel González; Chávez ofrece ayuda

Concern in the Mexican boxing family caused the state of the former world champion Miguel Angel Gonzalez, who apparently a victim of alcohol and drugs, wanders the streets of Mexico City, so the legendary Julio Cesar Chavez already looking for you to offer help.

Reports indicate that the “Magician” González He lives in a street condition and has been seen in the Roma neighborhood, where he lived. That, even though Gonzalez was in big fights, with good bags against Julio Cesar Chavez and against Oscar de la hoya.

A video also circulates on social networks showing the “Magician” González in the street, with a glass in his hand and talking to a man, who first takes off a cap from the former boxer. He teaches him some of it and returns it to him, before he “Tokyo Santa” I took it off and left it by a window. From what little can be seen in the video, the state of Gonzalez is alarming. He wears dirty and unkempt clothes, his demeanor is hesitant and erratic.

Julio César Chávez offers help to Miguel Ángel González

The great Mexican champion Julio Cesar Chavez already looking for Miguel Angel Gonzalez, to give you all your support in the clinics Baja del Sol, where they help people who have fallen into the world of addictions. Both fought, and tied, in 1998 at the Plaza de Toros México.

“Hello friends, if anyone can reach me at Miguel Angel Gonzalez I will gladly help him to recover in my Baja del Sol clinic, I want to help him ”, he published Chavez in your account Twitter.

Since last year the situation of the “Magician” González, even the president of the CMB, Mauricio Sulaiman, sought him out for his support and help.

The “Magician” González was proclaimed world lightweight champion of the World Boxing Council (CMB) on August 24, 1992 after defeating Wilfrido Rocha at Fronton México, a title he defended 10 times.

He made his professional debut in January 1989 and ended his career as a boxer on October 7, 2016, with a victory over Ulises Duarte; he fought 57 fights in the boxing game, with a record of 51-5-1, 40 by way of knockout.

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