2021 MLB Playoffs: Baltimore Orioles are serving as spoilers and upset the Boston Red Sox

2021 MLB Playoffs: Baltimore Orioles are serving as spoilers and upset the Boston Red Sox

The Baltimore Orioles are deep in the basement of the AL East. They are 55 games under .500. They aren’t smelling the expanded air of the MLB playoffs in 2021. Yet three other division teams, the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox, along with the Seattle Mariners, are battling for the wild card spot. .

The Orioles just came out of a series with the Red Sox and will close the season with three games in Toronto. The O’s are bad. They will go home on Monday no matter what. But that doesn’t mean they can’t absolutely destroy the playoff hopes of two rivals.

And they absolutely enjoy every part of their role as agents of chaos.

The Orioles also know that they have a lot of baseball fans across the country jumping on the O’s bandwagon. After beating the Red Sox on Tuesday, the Orioles’ Twitter thread was well activated and sought alliances with their counterparts elsewhere.

Baltimore lost Wednesday’s game but rallied to give Boston a 6-2 loss on Thursday. As a result, the Red Sox lost the series and are now tied with the Mariners for second wild-card spot. The Red Sox, Mariners or Blue Jays, who are one game away from the last wild-card spot, will likely face the Yankees in a one-game playoff.

The Orioles machine as a season buster is online and self-aware.

In a final blow to the Red Sox, following Thursday’s victory, the Orioles traded their Twitter avatar for a headshot from former Orioles infielder Robert Andino. Why swap your organization’s image on social media for a player with 18 career home runs who last played for the club in 2012?

Of course, for the Curse of the Andean.

In September 2011, Andino and the Orioles were at the center of one of the wildest nights in recent MLB history. In 2011, with the Red Sox trying to clinch a wild card spot, Andino had an incredible week. On September 28, after two big hits in previous wins that kept the Red Sox from getting a postseason berth, Andino had a game-winning two-out single off Jonathan Papelbon that gave Baltimore a 4-3 win. in the comeback over Boston. That Orioles win, combined with the trailing win for the Tampa Bay Rays, who overcame a 7-0 deficit to beat the Yankees with a knockout home run, knocked the Red Sox out of the postseason that year. .

So maybe another crushing curse for the Red Sox is alive and well in Baltimore.

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