CMB has sought to help Miguel Ángel González for more than a year, reveals Mauricio Sulaimán

CMB sabía de la situación de Miguel Ángel González desde hace más de un año, revela Mauricio Sulaimán

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC)He trusts that now the former boxer can be helped Miguel Angel Gonzalez and they are in his search, with the aim of being able to admit him to a clinic and that he can overcome the complicated situation he is experiencing.

“The only thing that interests us is to be able to find him and be able to help him,” he explained. Mauricio Sulaiman in interview for LEFT PUNCH. “Before the pandemic we were already looking for it, there were several attempts, but without success.”

Since last year the owner of the CMB I knew the complicated situation I was living Miguel Angel Gonzalez, former lightweight world champion of that body. Although they made the attempt to find and help him, it was difficult, and the Covid-19 pandemic further complicated the situation.

“We have been monitoring it, it had been missing for a long time,” he said. Sulaiman. “It is a very sad situation that has happened and we are here to attend and ensure that immediate attention is achieved.”

On Wednesday the version emerged that the Wizard González He would be in a street situation and that he had been seen wandering in the Roma neighborhood, in Mexico City. He was also seen in a video where he can be seen with a glass in his hand and dirty and neglected clothes.

“We have a strategy to find him and try to help him,” he added. Sulaiman. “We are looking for his brother to sign the response so that he can be admitted to a clinic.”

Similar situations experienced former boxers such as Alfonso Zamora and Carlos Zarate, who with the help of the agency were able to rehabilitate and recover, concluded Mauricio Sulaiman.

Julio César Chávez has already been able to contact the family

Former champion Julio Cesar Chavez He also raised his hand to enter the Wizard to one of the Baja del Sol clinics and that he can be rehabilitated.

As reported Salvador Rodriguez, from ESPN, The family of Gonzalez has already been contacted by the team of Julio Cesar Chavez to start the negotiations.

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