Koeman, tired of defending himself, sends messages to those who yearn for his departure from Barcelona: “My intention is to continue”

Koeman, tired of defending himself, sends messages to those who yearn for his departure from Barcelona: "My intention is to continue"

BARCELONA – Ronald Koeman has “eyes and ears” and even if he tries to stay out of everything that happens around him, he is fully aware that he is in the final alley and that everything that is to survive the Wanda Metropolitano match against Atlético de Madrid it will be a true miracle.

In this way, it could be interpreted that his press conference, who knows if the last one at the Barcelona Sports City, was a collection of winks, reproaches and, also, arguments.

“As did Van Gaal … Good morning, friends of the press …”, he began by saying hello, alluding to the last press conference of his compatriot, two decades ago and that ended with a “I’m leaving” that Ronald dribbled because “I’m staying … Still.” Thirteen months after his arrival, the days, the hours, the games are counted to say goodbye to Barça and with that rope around his neck, the Dutchman seems liberated, calm and devoted to his fate.

Koeman is known so damned that he did not save messages. For the club, the staff, the environment … And directly for the president, without having to say anything. “I am not going to answer that question,” he limited himself to referring when asked about his relationship with Laporta, whom he claimed not to have seen in the Sports City. “I have found out that he has come this morning but I have not seen him. I was preparing the game. “

“My best moment as a coach here? It seems that I was already out,” he smiled when asked about it but did not hesitate to affirm that it was “the day I signed.” When he had to refer to the worst, he did not hesitate in his first reproach to the president. “The worst was Messi’s departure,” he said, before noting that the squad is what it is and that he doesn’t know if it could be better, with another hint up. “If I have the money bag, I would still have Messi here.”

“I came to Barcelona for the love of the club in a very complicated situation and today the situation is even more complicated,” he warned, aware of his desperate position. “I have ears, eyes … I know that a lot of things leak out and I guess What is said will be true, but I cannot be there for that, ”he agreed, without taking anything for granted ahead of time.

“I know that you always depend on the results; it is the most normal thing. My intention is to follow the plan because from the club nobody has told me anything,” he repeated, proclaiming his fatigue in giving arguments. “I’m tired of defending myself. People who know can analyze the situation of the team and the club. Important things have been done here, we have made changes … And I leave the rest to you ”, he proclaimed before showing his regret for a lack of respect that is seen around his figure.

“It is not necessary to answer … You (journalists) can criticize or help but it is not a question of being good or bad … It is the treatment of me,” he lamented, consenting that “sincerely, I could be better” in as for his state of mind.

“I don’t know if another coach would do better … I don’t know. The squad is the one we have, today and in three months. We always talk about the system but the system is created by the type of players and if you don’t have extremes you have to look for sides and adapt ”, he explained, showing his conviction that there is a lack of“ balance ”.

“We have few attackers available. Ansu Fati is coming back but he lasts a little longer and it is normal after so much time away. We lack one-on-one players and speed. This creates spaces and I said the other day that we lack effectiveness ”, He warned, recalling that Atlético de Madrid” last season created much fewer opportunities than us and now it happens again … But it is capable of having one and scoring while we, like the other day in the Champions League, have four and we are not capable. That’s the big difference. “

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