“Pacquiao is a unique and unrepeatable phenomenon,” says Eduardo Lamazón

Pacquiao es un fenómeno único e irrepetible, asegura Eduardo Lamazón

A unique and unrepeatable phenomenon that gave boxing beauty, as the expert and analyst considered Eduardo Lamazon to the filipino Manny pacquiao, who on Tuesday night officially announced his retirement from the ring after more than 26 years as a professional.

Manny pacquiao is a unique and unrepeatable boxing phenomenon, “he said. Lamazón. “He’s a guy who put a lot of things on boxing, but above all he put beauty on it and we will always be grateful for that.”

In an interview with LEFT PUNCH, the specialist of Box Azteca highlighted the importance and relevance of Pacquiao in boxing history. Not only because of his charisma, but also because of his qualities in the ring, those that led him to win world titles in eight divisions, although for Don Lama he only did it in six. And it is that of the eight divisions in which Pacquiao He was the best, he won titles from one of the four recognized organizations in only six of them.

“It is very (important) and for various reasons,” he explains. Lamazón. “The secret that the figure of Manny pacquiao It is his charisma and with that he is born. We all have a chip that makes people love us more or less, there are people who call crowds very easily (like him), others being talented are not very popular “

He added that the Pacman He is loved by all and despite everything. Lamazón points out that even the fans forgave him the fraud he starred in in the most lucrative fight in history, before Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2015. He highlighted his achievements with more weight as a character born in the Philippines, and not in the United States.

Manny is loved by everyone and for various reasons, “he commented Lamazón. “The importance of conquering the world in that way as they have only done (Jack) Dempsey, (Muhammad Ali, (Mike) Tyson and just a few more. And also, he did it by being born in the Philippines, because it is easier to succeed being born in the United States, but how do you conquer it by being born in the Philippines? It is very difficult. That shows us the size of the character that has been Manny”.

What did Manny Pacquiao lack?

Asked what he lacked as a boxer PacmanHe said how lucky to avoid the knockout blow that he gave him Juan Manuel Marquez.

“He was a complete boxer, it is very difficult to point out any fissure,” he says. Lamazón. “What did you lack? He did not miss anything, maybe luck, that he did not hit him Marquez that right hand that put him to sleep, but as a boxer he was absolutely complete. In his best days he had legs that very few boxers could show; he had the ability to bolt in and fall back immediately after unloading his fists to save himself from the opponent’s retort. He did it in all his fights in his good time, after the decadence.

Pacquiao is in the 17th place among the best in history, for Lamazón

For what has been done by Pacquiao, Lamazón made it clear that the Asian occupies a great place in boxing history and will be a benchmark for the first two decades of the 21st century. In his list of the best in the world, he places it in 17th place and concludes: “what the guys of the dimension of Manny pacquiao they are unrepeatable things ”.

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