Safety pin! All the preview of the 10th date of the URBA Top 12

Safety pin!  All the preview of the 10th date of the URBA Top 12

The URBA Top 12 starts its ninth day. This Saturday there will be six crosses that promise good rugby and can be defining. At 1:35 p.m. Alumni will receive SIC live on Star + in Tortuguitas. At the same time, from 15.25 CUBA will play at home against Pucará live on Star + and Starting at 3:35 p.m., Belgrano will play at home when facing ALMOST also live on Star +. For its part, there will be three other confrontations that can be enjoyed by from the 15.30: Newman-Los Tilos, Hindu-San Luis and Regattas- Buenos Aires.

Alumni vs. SIC (Saturday at 1.35pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The team led by Nahuel Neyra and Santiago Van der Ghote cannot assert itself for two consecutive dates. It is that in the last week they went from a great celebration to a defeat they did not expect. Alumni had just overcome Newman in Benavídez by 19 to 8, and on his court he could not repeat against CUBA, which beat him by 28 to 25. For its part, the SIC is the defending champion who arrives at a great moment, as absolute leader with eight wins and a single loss. On Saturday they beat Buenos Aires 40-0 with six tries and a very solid production that keeps them at the top of the tournament.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: After being in the top four of the Top 12 for several days Alumni walked away from the podium after receiving the first defeats. He already suffered three in the tournament and fell back to sixth place in the table. The news was the return of Santiago González Iglesias, who arrived to contribute his experience in the fight to qualify for the semifinals. The SIC arrives firm, without receiving so many before BACRC and with a formation that transmits a lot of security. They have 43 tries in favor and only 17 against, which marks the strength of the cast led by González Bonorino and Lucas Cilley.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2019, the one with the last trench title. In that contest, the SIC won the two matches in which they faced each other 24-5 and 27-15. Those from Tortuguitas have not beat Boulogne’s club since 2018, when they won 24-14 on their court.

CUBA vs. Pucará (Saturday at 3:25 pm live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Good triumph for CUBA in Tortuguitas. He surpassed Alumni 28 to 25 after a great start, where he marked the distance with a devastating start of 21 to 0. Then the home team approached and ended up losing it by only three points of difference. Pucará could not on his court in Burzaco where he received Newman. It did not reach him with the moments where he dominated and had greater possession of the ball. He found an opponent who defended better and who was much more clinical when he attacked him, so the victory went to the border by 34 to 10.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: It was an important match for CUBA. He visited a direct rival and arrived after losing on his court to the SIC. The pack’s work in the first half was key to getting back into the qualifying zone. Pucará is going through a stage of renewal in its formation after so many games with respect to its previous squad. Against Newman he tried, but collided with a very well stopped defense.

BACKGROUND: Burzaco’s red has three victories over CUBA: he won the two matches of 2019 by 37 to 14 and 38 to 28 and that of the initial round in 2018 by 38 to 13. CUBA won the duel of the second round of that year, in Villa de Mayo for 30 to 20.

Belgrano vs. ALMOST (Saturday at 3:35 p.m. live on Star +)

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: The tournament did not start well for Belgrano. Virrey del Pino’s team was not ready when the championship began and they felt that way, especially in the losses against CUBA and Hindú. Against the SIC it was a more even party. But little by little all the work began to appear, and the team took off after the Alumni classic. With the triumph in the Summit against San Luis by 35 to 16 they were only one point from the playoff zone. The one that does not start is ALMOST, far from expectations. On Saturday he did not appear before Regatas either, in a very poor match at La Catedral and with a defeat in the final by 20 to 16.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: He is increasingly focused on Belgrano. He recovered the bases of his game, a good obtaining, line, scrum and maul as lethal weapons; in addition to having the efficiency of a good kicker, Tomás Rosati. In ALMOST the lack of variants in the attack are worrying. It is the second least effective team in the Top 12, despite having Martín Roger, who later joined the tournament, but is already among the top five scorers. Conduct is an aspect to improve for both clubs, which are among the three teams with the most yellow cards so far in the tournament (eight and nine, respectively)

BACKGROUND: It was very even the history of the last 20 years, where Belgrano took a triumph ahead of CASI. The last best campaigns of the brown made the difference. Those of Virrey del Pino won the last five games that were played. ALMOST has not triumphed as a visitor since the 2010 tournament (12th date 36-29).

Newman vs. Los Tilos (Saturday at 15.30 live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: It cost the Cardinal on his visit to Burzaco. The development of the game against Pucará was not easy for him, however he resolved it with authority and took it 34 to 10 with a bonus point included. Newman earned the seventh win of the tournament, which put him in second place, behind the SIC. Los Tilos reached the ninth date with four wins and four defeats: they received Hindú in Barrio Obrero. And he did not have a good time against the Elephant, who thrashed him 51 to 10 at home.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Newman looks very good, with an important roster showing that there are no big changes despite the rotation. Felipe Llerena with 14 goals was a figure like Lucas Marguery, author of two tries. The defense responded very well when they were pressured, while in attack they were forceful to get the bonus try. It cost Los Tilos against the SIC and also suffered the match against Hindú. When he has higher-ranking rivals in front of him, the category jump is still noticeable.

BACKGROUND: They have not faced each other since 2016, when the Cardenal won in Benavídez by 30 to 5. Los Tilos have not surpassed the Bordo since 2012 when they did it by 23 to 20, in a match that was played in La Plata. To find a victory for Los Tilos as a visitor, you have to go back to 2001, the year before they were semifinalists and won at Newman 27-22.

Hindu vs. San Luis (Saturday at 3.30 pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Hindú played two weeks in a row in front of the La Plata clubs. On Saturday they thrashed Los Tilos in Barrio Obrero by 51 to 10, with a solid performance and eight tries scored during their visit to La Plata. “Toto” Fernández Miranda’s team was consolidated among the three leading teams, behind Newman and SIC, the only clubs that beat him. San Luis cannot lift his head, he lost his ninth game and is at the bottom of the table next to Regatas de Bella Vista and only above Buenos Aires. He comes from falling at the Summit against Belgrano Athletic by 35 to 16.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: As in every Hindu tournament it always starts among the candidates. This year is no exception. It is the team that scored the most goals and tries in the Top 12 (334 and 50 respectively).

BACKGROUND: Wide superiority of the Elefante team over San Luis, with more than 20 wins difference in the last two decades. The Maristas recently won in Don Torcuato, when they won by a somewhat difference in 2018 by 30 to 29. In 2019 the two triumphs corresponded to Hindú by 39 to 13 and 27 to 3.

Regattas vs. Buenos Aires (Saturday at 3.30 pm live on

HOW DO THEY GET THERE: Second consecutive week of celebration in Bella Vista. The first victim was San Luis, with the first hit of the year. The next step was taken at CASI, with a pure defense ending. Regatas worked it all the game and took it with suffering on the final by 20 to 16, before the Academy. For Buenos Aires it was not an easy visit to get to Boulogne and face the last champion and leader. And he felt it in a development that was unfavorable to him throughout the game. He fell to the SIC, who thrashed him 40-0 with a partial 26-0 at the end of the first half.

WHAT DO THEY SEEK: Regatas is a very young team and this was noticeable in several Top 12 matches, which they lost due to a logical lack of experience. But they showed that in the squad they have unbalanced players with very good skills, who invite you to be excited about what is coming. At BACRC the objective is very clear, to achieve the necessary filming for next year, where there will be decreases, and there it will be necessary to defend the promotion of 2019.

BACKGROUND: They have not played since 2015, when Regatas beat Buenos Aires by 26 to 13. The last confrontation in Bella Vista was in 2011, when it was precisely the last success of the León by 24 to 15. Regatas has not won at home since 2009 when He did it for 27 to 8.

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