The high cost of seeing Tom Brady return to New England

The high cost of seeing Tom Brady return to New England

The return of the quarterback from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom brady, to New england Sunday has the fans excited and many of them are paying a lot of money to see him face the Patriots.

According to Vivid Seats, the average price of tickets for this game it is $ 1,101, positioning itself as the Most expensive sporting event in the Boston area in history.

Not at the level of Game 7 of the Stanley Cup of 2019 in which the St. Louis Blues beat the Boston Bruins, but it beats any other game in the area.

It is a higher price than Game 5 of the Stanley Cup of 2019 and Game 6 of the World Series of 2013 in which the Boston Red Sox They tied up their first home title since 1918.

Keep in mind that the TD Garden hosted 17,565 fans for those games of the Bruins and the Fenway park exceeded 38,447 attendees for the match of the World Series.

The Gillette Stadium of the Patriots seats 65,878 people, so there are many more tickets available for the party.

How does this game compare to some of the bigger ones you played Brady while I was with the Patriots? According to Vivid Seats, this is the game with the highest demand that the Patriots not counting Super bowls since Brady made it to the league and the cost is almost double that of any other game other than a Super bowl.

Some other MVPs from other sports have returned to their old homes after changing teams in the last 15 years.

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According to Vivid Seats, the average price of a ticket for the return of Brady outperforms all others by a wide margin.

The highest price ever paid for a “comeback” game was Kevin Durant’s first game in Oklahoma City after he joined the Golden State Warriors in February 2017.

If they want to stay with the NFL alone, Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis cost fans an average of $ 267. The price of the match on the return of Brady it is more than four times higher than Manning and five times greater than Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay with the Minnesota Vikings.

Fans are traveling from across the country to see Brady play in it could be your last game in New england.

According to Vivid Seats, the average distance traveled by fans for this match is 707 miles, the highest average for any game of the Patriots this season. If you’re thinking, “Sure, Florida is a long way from Massachusetts,” consider this: The trip from Dallas to Foxborough is greater than the one from Tampa to Foxborough, yet the distance fans are traveling for the Buccaneers game is more than twice the average distance fans travel for the Cowboys visit to the Patriots in a few weeks.

And they are mainly fans of Patriots those traveling far, not Tampa fans heading to Foxborough, according to Vivid Seats.

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