Tom Brady and Mac Jones set an NFL record with their matchup

Tom Brady and Mac Jones set an NFL record with their matchup

Among all plots that revolve around the visit of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Foxborough to face next Sunday night the New England Patriots, the most important has to do, logically, with the masterminds duel that will star, on the one hand, Bill Belichick as one of the great defensive geniuses in the history of the NFL, and on the other his former ward, Tom brady, like the best quarterback that has passed through the league.

Later, the high probability that Brady one of the most significant records in the books of the NFL that same night at Gillette Stadium that witnessed his exploits so many times: it requires barely 68 yards per pass to become the most prolific passer in league history, and leave behind the mark of 80,358 yards by air that still belongs to Drew brees.

Nevertheless, there is another brand, a little darker, which will also be imposed on Sunday night once Brady and Mac Jones from New england receive the first centers of their respective offensives.

Brady was born on August 3, 1977, and Jones on September 5, 1998. age difference of 21 years and 33 days It will be the higher between two starting quarterbacks on the NFL since at least 1950, according to data from ESPN Stats & Information.

Ironically, Jones was born the same day that Brady he started his first game for Michigan as a collegiate, already in his junior season, where he added a 20-5 mark for the Wolverines in his two seasons as a starter.

Although Brady He has said that he wants to play until he is 50 years old, the reality is that the quarterback himself has admitted that the inevitable end of his career is approaching. Unless New england and Tampa bay are in a Super Bowl in the near future, we could be, this Sunday, before the only showdown from Brady against his former team before his retirement, and his only chance to add to the only team left to beat out of 32 in the league as a starting quarterback.

This opportunity comes against those who wait for Patriots be the long-term successor – not immediate, after employing Cam Newton as a bridge – to Brady, Jones, a pin that was constantly compared to the same Brady during the pre-draft process.

Finally, this record, that of the greater age difference between starting quarterbacks on the NFL, can be broken by Brady up to two more times before the end of the season, ruling out injuries and awaiting decisions made by other teams.

The Buccaneers host the Chicago Bears on October 24, and if Justin Fields – who is younger than Jones– is the starter for that duel, the same record would be broken again. After, Tampa bay travels to visit the New York Jets on January 2, and since Zach Wilson is younger than Jones and Fields, it would be the third time a new record was established this season.

Currently, the party of NFL with the largest age difference between starting quarterbacks was played between Brady and the Bucs against Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers, last year. The distance between the ages there was 20 years, seven months and seven days.

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