Tom Brady returns to New England to command the Buccaneers

Tom Brady returns to New England to command the Buccaneers

The success they shared was unmatched. His divorce, inexplicable. The reunion, inevitable.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick wrote some of the most important chapters in NFL history together – six Super Bowls won, 17 division titles, 219 regular-season wins and 30 postseason wins – during his 20 years with New England. On Sunday, however, they will meet for the first time from opposite sides of the grid.

Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1) travel to Foxborough to face Belichick and the Patriots (1-2) in an anticipated game since the NFL released its schedule last May.

It’s not a game more. Regardless of what the protagonists say.

“I’m excited to go play football and try to find my way to victory again,” stated Brady. “I know it is against a team that I played for 20 years and I know it is a quality team and a great organization and a great franchise, but I will do my best to stay as always.”

It will not be easy. Not with everything at stake. It’s not just one more win, or the right to brag or have the highest bar when deciding – if at all possible – who had the most weight in building the most successful dynasty in league history.

Brady comes into the game requiring just 68 passing yards to score his name on another record, the most passing yards in NFL history (Drew Brees, 80,358). It also comes with the possibility of becoming the fourth quarterback with a victory against 32 different franchises. In addition, he has the possibility of being the fourth quarterback to defeat the coach with whom he won a Super Bowl … or six in his first meeting.

After all, Brady knows what he’s up against. And Belichick knows that Brady knows.

“Tom certainly has an intimate knowledge of everything we do here, more than any other player in the league so far. So I’m sure he will use it to his advantage. I would hope it would, ”Belichick said. “I don’t think we should go out and change everything we have done this year. What we need to do is keep doing what we do, and do it better. That would help us more than anything else. “

It probably refers to the trouble finding the end zone with rookie quarterback Mac Jones leading an offense that averages just 18 points per game and has given up five balls in its two losses this season.

Jones will have to take a big leap to keep the Patriots’ attack in step with some Bucs who after three weeks have the most productive offense in the NFL with 34.3 points per game.

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