How did Manny Pacquiao’s punch feel ?: Marco Antonio Barrera describes the Filipino’s power


Marco Antonio Barrera ensures that the hit of Manny pacquiao it was something different, because it was not as forceful as others, but it was demolishing the rival.

Barrier came as a favorite and was defeated by Pacquiao on November 15, 2003. The victory over Barrier it was the most important for Pacquiao until that moment. However, the surprise of the Mexican would be greater when the Filipino began to impose himself on rivals by name, and of greater weight.

It would show, over time, that a good small weight can hit a big one. He accomplished something that no one has done in boxing to rub shoulders with the best in history.

“Now that he is leaving he leaves a bit of nostalgia and a big hole to fill,” he said. Marco Antonio Barrera in an interview with LEFT PUNCH upon learning of the official withdrawal of Pacquiao. “I don’t know if people realized it, but he did what nobody in life has done, win eight titles in different weights and add the rivals he had in front of him. Yes, it was an out of the ordinary ”.

For Barrera, how strong was Pacquiao’s punch?

Barrier, a native of Iztacalco, in Mexico City, recalled that night when he faced the Pacman. Describe that the power of the punch of Manny PacquiaoHe was not like other boxers, but he had other virtues that made him relentless in the ring.

“He surprised us that night, but not only did he surprise me that night, he surprised everyone with the race he did,” he recalled. Barrier. “It had a punch, but not as forceful as a Terrible Morales or Juan Manuel Marquez. His strategy with his punch was that he hit you in the body like drops. In fact, in the first fight, my body deflated from a rectum that you can’t see, but what a barbarism, that blow to the body hurt more than anything ”.

Barrier, who was measured again with Pacquiao and lost on October 6, 2007, he remembered what it was like to face a rival with so many qualities and so good, in addition to his physical condition and intelligence in the ring.

“You could hardly attack him because he didn’t have a fixed plan,” he said. Frame. “He had boxing, he went in and out from his left-handed guard, he threw the punch, he took a step back. You still hadn’t recovered and he was coming back, he had an impressive physical condition and a very strong fight rhythm from start to finish, he was definitely (very smart) ”.

Pacquiao’s rivals track record adds to his greatness

After Barrier the Filipino achieved triumphs against rivals such as Erik morales, Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar de la hoya, Ricky hatton, Miguel Cotto, Joshua Clottey, Antonio Margarito and Shane mosley, among others. That adds more value to his career, said the “Baby Faced Assassin”.

“See the names he faced, that makes him bigger than his numbers say,” he added. Barrier. “He came to remove all the ideas that a small weight will never hit a big one. He hit, not one or two or three, he hit many big weights and came to remove that thought that many coaches have had.

With the goodbye of Pacquiao one of the most outstanding races in the history of boxing ends. Even, Marco Barrera puts him among the best of all time.

“Since I was working in the media I would put it to the side or under Muhammad Ali“, He points out Barrier. “It’s a different story, but for everything he did, (champion in) eight different weights, the names he beat, I would put one side of Ali to Pacquiao”.

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