Newman widely surpassed Los Tilos 46 to 14 for the URBA Top 12

Newman widely surpassed Los Tilos 46 to 14 for the URBA Top 12

Newman received Los Tilos by tenth date of the URBA Top 12 tournament and continues with its good present in the championship. The local came from defeating Pucará while visiting a defeat against Hindú.

From the kickoff the main team of the match was Newman. He quickly put points on his scoreboard through his opening Florencio Llerena and, with the power of his forwards, scored a penalty try. With the foot of his number ten he managed to corner Los Tilos and it was Agustín Gosio’s try that gave Cardenal even more peace of mind. Reaching the last minutes of the first half, the visit did not want to go without some points on top and his hooker, Iván Korenblit, gave him a bit of illusion.

For the second half a renewed team was seen in the players of La PlataThey came out with a determination that made them score points through their wing Felipe Puertas. However, Benavídez’s men pressed the accelerator and with a sequence of many penalties during the visit, they began to take over the field. In the blink of an eye they supported four tries and achieved the long-awaited bonus point.

In this way, Newman is second in the table two points behind the SIC and will travel to La Plata to play with San Luis for date 11 of the URBA Top 12. On the other hand, Los Tilos appears eighth in the championship and will receive another of the candidates, CUBA.


Newman (46): 1. Alberto Porolli, 2. Marcelo Brandi, 3. Mariano Urtubey, 4. Tomás Ureta, 5. Alejandro Urtubey, 6. Mateo Montoya, 7. Miguel Urtubey (C), 8. Teófilo Garay, 9. Lucas Marguery, 10 Florencio Llerena, 11. Agustín Gosio, 12. Mateo De Elia, 13. Juan Billote, 14. Justo Ortíz Basualdo, 15. Juan Daireaux.

Changes: ST: 9 ‘Luciano Borio by Mariano Urtubey and James Wright by Alberto Porolli. 29 ‘Jerónimo Ulloa by Agustín Gosio. 37 ‘Rodrigo Pueyrredón for Marcelo Brandi.

Trainers: Alfredo Cordone, Marcelo Torres and Javier Urtubey.

Los Tilos (14): 1. Manuel Puertas, 2. Iván Korenblit (C), 3. Juan Blaiotta Lago, 4. Gianluca Broglia, 5. Maximiliano Alonso, 6. Joaquín Coria, 7. Felipe Puertas, 8. Bautista Gatti, 9. Marcos Albina, 10 Bautista Santamarina, 11. Nicolás Fernández Vega, 12. Joaquín Tuculet, 13. Bautista Roberti, 14. Nicolás Korenblit, 15. Manuel Tuculet.

Changes: PT: 4 ‘Manuel Castagnet for Joaquín Coria. 29 ‘Lisandro Dipierri for Juan Blaiotta. ST: 15 ‘Pedro Rodríguez Alcobendas by Marcos Albina. 18 ‘Martín Vergani for Manuel Castagnet. 29 ‘Francisco Liva for Bautista Santamarina and Tiago Bassagaisteguy for Bautista Roberti. 31 ‘Juan Rovaletti by Felipe Puertas.

Trainers: Ramiro Bernal and Leandro Fioravanti.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 9 ‘penalty Florencio Llerena (N), 12’ penalty try (N), 18 ‘penalty Florencio Llerena (N), 28’ try by Agustín Gosio and conversion by Florencio Llerena (N), 37 ‘try by Ivan Korenblit and conversion of Bautista Santamarina (LT).

Partial result: Newman 20 – Los Tilos 7.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 9 ‘try by Felipe Puertas and conversion by Bautista Santamarina (LT), 24’ try by Teofilo Garay and conversion by Florencio Llerena (N), 28 ‘try by Juan Bautista Daireaux and conversion by Florencio Llerena (N), 31’ try by Marcelo Brandi and conversion by Florencio Llerena (N), 36 ‘try by Justo Ortiz Basualdo (N).

Final score: Newman 46 – Los Tilos 14.

Admonished: PT: 39 ‘yellow to Alejandro Urtubey (N). ST: 7 ‘yellow to Lucas Marguery (N), 21’ yellow to Felipe Puertas (LT), 30 ‘yellow to Pedro Alonso (LT).

Basketball court: Newman

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