Regatas beat BACRC 38-30 for the URBA Top 12

Regatas beat BACRC 38-30 for the URBA Top 12

For the tenth date of the URBA Top 12, Regatas prevailed at Buenos Aires 38-30 at home and thus he achieved his third consecutive victory in the tournament.

The visitors started off with the right foot. 3 minutes into the game, a great play on the line allowed the wing Joaquin Cantilo lean on the flag. However, as the minutes passed, Regatas began to flow in his game and explode his three-quarter line, where he found a clear superiority over the rival defense.

For its part, Buenos Aires, despite not having a good afternoon defensively, began to find its strength with the work of its forwards, especially with Dieguez and Campbell, who gained several meters each time they came into contact with the ball.

The complement the game continued with intense procedures, but with those of Bella Vista knowing how to find the variants from the game of their backs. Moving the ball and taking advantage of León’s defensive errors, Regatas reached the ingoal on two occasions to begin to close the game in his favor. With BACRC going to look for the match, the hosts became strong defensively and, despite conceding a large number of penalties, managed to hold off the attacks to claim an important victory before the stoppage.


Regattas (38): 1- Diego Torres Agüero, 16- Pedro Garcia Colinas, 17- Beltran Landivar; 4- Nicolas Juarez Bosch, 5- Esteban Sciandro; 6- Agustin Medrano, 7- Tomás Sanguinetti, 8- Felipe Camerlinkx; 9- Gonzalo Deluca, 10- José De La Torre; 14- Felipe Terra; 12- Juan Corso, 24- Alejo Barrera; 11- Enrique Camerlinkx; 15- Camerlinckx Cross ©.

Trainers: Pablo Camerlinckx and Felipe Camerlinckx.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Juan Manuel Gobet by Diego Torres Agüero, 30’ Santiago Camerlinckx by Esteban Sciandro.

Buenos Aires (30): 1- Facundo Cambiasso, 2- Tomás Rosasco, 3- Blas Coria; 4- Facundo Picca, 5- Camilo Ihan; 6- Julian Pomerantz, 7- Jordi Dieguez, 8- Juan Segundo Campbell; 9- Alejo Novo, 10- Francisco Lamensa; 11- Joaquín Cantilo; 12- Agustin Lamensa, 13- Ramiro Costa; 14- Alfonso Latorre; 15- Agustin Peirano ©. .

Trainers: Nicolás De Gregori and Gonzalo Camacho.

Changes: ST: 9 ‘Francisco Ibarra by Camilo Ihan, 26’ Pedro Del Carril by Jordi Dieguez, 26 ‘Iñaki Iñiguiz by Blas Coria, 35’ Enzo Materazzi by Tomás Rosasco.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 3 ‘try Joaquín Cantilo converted by Agustin Peirano (B), 12’ try Diego Torres Agüero converted by José De La Torre (R), 30 ‘penalty Agustin Peirano (B), 32’ try and conversion by José De La Torre (R ), 34 ‘try Jordi Dieguez (B).

Partial result: Regattas of Bella Vista 14-15 Buenos Aires.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 9 ‘try Juan Manuel Gobet (R), 13’ try Juan Segundo Campbell converted by Agustin Peirano (B), 21 ‘try Gonzalo Deluca converted by José De La Torre (R), 26’ try Juan Corso converted by José De La Torre (R), 31 ‘penalty Agustin Peirano (B), 34’ try Santiago Camerlinckx (R), 39 ‘try Francisco Ibarra (B).

Referee: Houghton.

Basketball court: Regattas.

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