Tom Brady warms up his return to New England with video of his career

Tom Brady warms up his return to New England with video of his career

Brady posted on his networks an emotional video on the eve of one of the most anticipated games, which can be followed by Star +

Tom Brady, current Super Bowl champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, returns to the Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, New England.

The moment will remain as a milestone in the NFL records: Not just any quarterback comes back to play against, not just any franchise – with which he played 20 seasons.

The player with the most Super Bowl rings will face the organization he led the dynasty – or vice versa, it is actually difficult and unnecessary to establish who owes more to whom.

That is why Tom Brady shared an emotional video through his social networks which he presented with a single word: “Homecoming” (returning home). Nothing could be more punctual: Gillette Stadium is home to Brady, even though it is momentarily installed in Tampa Bay.

In the video, just under a minute, the legendary quarterback’s passage along his path with the Pats is synthesized; It highlights key moments in his New England career and ends with Brady, allegorically walking throughout the video, on a buccaneer ship. A short but very emotional video, just enough to heat up one of the most anticipated duels of the year.

Buccaneers, (2-1) visit the Patriots (1-2). Those of Tampa Bay are a machine to score points while the locals are rebuilding with their young Mac Jones as a promise of the future.

Brady comes into the game requiring just 68 passing yards to score his name on another record, the most passing yards in NFL history (Drew Brees, 80,358). It also comes with the possibility of becoming the fourth quarterback with a victory against 32 different franchises. In addition, he has the possibility of being the fourth quarterback to defeat the coach with whom he won a Super Bowl … or six in his first meeting.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick wrote some of the most important chapters in NFL history together – six Super Bowls won, 17 division titles, 219 regular-season and 30 postseason wins – during their 20 years in New England. On Sunday, however, they will meet for the first time from opposite sides of the grid.

Information from AP was used in this report.

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