URBA Top 12: ALMOST surprised Belgrano and defeated him in Virrey del Pino

URBA Top 12: ALMOST surprised Belgrano and defeated him in Virrey del Pino

In a great game, ALMOST was imposed on Belgrano 54-41, for the tenth date of the URBA Top 12. Those from San Isidro reached Virrey del Pino, but they posed a great match to Marrón.

The key that ALMOST found to beat Belgrano at his home in Virrey del Pino, went through dynamics. The Academy was an electrical team, it was in all sectors of the field and with a lot of discipline, he was left with a victory that was both expected and deserved.

True to his style, Belgrano started the game trying to prevail with the defense. He succeeded to the point that, at 7 minutes, Tobías Bernabé and Tomás Rosati they added the first seven points for the local team. However, as the minutes went by, ALMOST began to make a foothold in the game by taking the ball away from the homeowners and gaining meters with the forward pack. Juan Torres Obeid, he scored twice, like Benjamin Belaga, and the ALMOST went to rest winning by 26 to 17.

After the break, Belgrano rehearsed a recovery. Ferronate he carried the equipment on his shoulder and was the spearhead of a team that did not seem like the last Saturday. Rosati discounted with a penalty, but ALMOST responded with a new try of Obeid Towers. From there, the San Isidro team lowered their guard and left the ball to Brown who was able to get back up in the plates thanks to the tries of Tomás Teglia and Francisco Ferronato.

But ALMOST reappeared. With the fresh air that came from the bench, the Academy was able to break the local ingoal 3 more times and celebrate a victory with a bonus that it urgently needed to face the last section of this URBA Top 12.


BELGRANO (41): 1. Francisco Ferronato, 2. Ignacio Favre, 3. Facundo Ferreti, 4. Augusto Vaccarino, 5. Adolfo Martínez, 6. Joaquín Moro, 7. Joaquín De la Serna, 8. Agustín Rocca, 9. Ignacio Marino, 10. Tomás Rosati (C), 11. Juan Lando, 12. Fermín Martínez, 13. Tomás Teglia, 14. Tobías Bernabé, 15. Juan Rodríguez.

Changes: ST – 10 ‘Felipe Adrogué for Juan Lando and Andrés Bianco for Facundo Ferreti; 20 ‘Valentín Chiodi by Ignacio Favre; 21 ‘Ramón Duggan by Joaquín De la Serna; 30 ‘Santino Ruzzante by Tobías Bernabé.

Trainers: Guillermo Tramezzani, Diego Gradín, Luis Gradín and Francisco Gradín.

ALMOST (54): 1. Alejandro Brousson, 2. Juan Torres Obeid, 3. Juan Ignacio Nieto Sánchez, 4. Agustín Posleman, 5. Leonel Mazzini, 6. Joaquín Sáenz de Miera, 7. Juan Ymaz, 8. Luis Briatore, 9. Agustín Figuerola ( C), 10. Martín Roger, 11. Nicolás Cotella, 12. Gerónimo Prisciantelli, 13. Benjamín Belaga, 14. Matías Phelan, 15. Jerónimo Solveyra.

Changes: ST – 20 ‘Bautista Bernasconi by Alejandro Brousson and Facundo Scaiano by Juan Torres Obeid; 21 ‘Tomás Carman for Agustín Posleman; 27 ‘Luca Canzani for Agustín Figuerola; 28 ‘Hugo García by Juan Ignacio Nieto Sánchez.

Trainers: Patrick O’Reilly.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 7 ‘try by Tobías Bernabé, converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 13 ‘try by Juan Torres Obeid (C); 17 ‘penalty by Tomás Rosati (B); 18 ‘try by Juan Torres Obeid, converted by Martín Roger (C); 21 ‘try by Agustín Rocca, converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 34 ‘try by Benjamín Belaga, converted by Martin Roger (C); 37 ‘try by Benjamín Belaga, converted by Martín Roger (C)

Partial Result: Belgrano 17 – 26 ALMOST.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 3 ‘penalty by Tomás Rosati (B); 10 ‘try by Juan Torres Obeid, converted by Martin Roger (C); 16 ‘try by Tomás Teglia, converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 20 ‘try by Francisco Ferronato, converted by Tomás Rosati (B); 24 ‘try by Facundo Scaiano, converted by Martin Roger (C); 36 ‘try by Joaquín Saenz de Miera, converted by Martin Roger (C); 40 ‘try by Luis Briatore, converted by Martin Roger (C); 45 ‘penalty try (B).

Final score: Belgrano 41 – 54 ALMOST.

INCIDENTS: ST – 19 ‘Yellow Card to Leonel Mazzini (C); 21 ‘Yellow card to Juan Ymaz (C) and Agustín Rocca (B).

BASKETBALL COURT: Belgrano Athletic.

REFEREE: Nehuén Jauri Rivero.

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