URBA Top 12: CUBA was unstoppable for Pucará and took the victory

URBA Top 12: CUBA was unstoppable for Pucará and took the victory

On May Village, CUBA received Pucara with the intention of continuing on the winning path as he knew how to do last week against Alumni and he did it by staying with the game 45-27.

From the start of the first half the store aimed not to give the visit respite, and through the line and maul with Enrique Devoto as the protagonist, he scored two tries in just 10 minutes. Those of Burzaco They tried to take prominence looking for a game with their backs, but the locals, through a defense very over the mark, regained possession of the ball and thus they reached a new try, this time through the debutant Mark Young. With this third conquest and Pucara still not scoring points, his captain Joaquin Paz He sought to put the team forward and took the ball in a deployment on the open that after a great run taking defenders off the top, he managed to support the first try of the visit.

Those of May Village they started the second half with a new try in the first minute supported by Estanislao Carullo. No reaction from Pucara, the locals again resorted to the line and maul, thus they returned to invoice by Enrique Devoto. When it seemed that those led by Gustavo Jorge they could no longer generate new ideas, German Fiocca came to the try through the pick & go and thus gave life to Pucara. Just minutes later, Rodrigo Avalos he went with yellow for a high tackle, which the team took advantage of with his man of more and achieved a new try supported by Joaquin Jorge.

With both teams competing for the initiative with 10 minutes remaining, the tries of Lucas Pineapple and the captain Second Paisani to knock out the visitor. In the last minute Iñaki Delguy he escaped through the top to shorten distances and thus seal the match at 45 to 27 in favor of the locals.


CUBA (45): 1. Nicolás Solveyra, 2. Enrique Devoto, 3. Francisco Garoby, 4. Santiago Uriarte, 20. Lucas Piña, 6. Pedro Mastroizzi, 7. Segundo Pisani ©, 8. Lucas Maguire, 9. Rafael Iriarte, 10. Rodrigo Ávalos, 11. Benjamín Ocampo, 12. Felipe de La Ve1ga, 13. Marcos Herrero, 14. M Young, 15. Marcos Moroni.

Changes: ST: 1 ‘Estanislao Carullo by Francisco Garoby; 3 ‘Facundo Fontana by Rafael Iriarte; 10 ‘Benito Ortiz de Rosas for Lucas Maguire; 22 ‘Gerónimo Conte for Grand Benito Ortiz de Rosas; 25 ‘Juan Pedro Gabory by Enrique Devoto; 30 ‘Felipe Maurette for Marcos Herrero, Facundo Aguirre for Nicolás Solveyra.

Trainers: Tomás Cóppola, Agustín Benedicto and Federico Sala.

PUCARÁ (27): 1. Jeremías de Sarro, 2. Tomás Montes, 3. Emilio Camba, 4. Mariano Rassetto, 18. Eliseo Fourcade, 6. Germán Fiocca, 17. Felipe Amado, 8. Gregorio Pascual, 9. Germán Klubus, 10. Alejo Coppola, 11. Joaquín Jorge, 12. Mariano Navarro, 13. Joaquín Paz ©, 14. Iñaki Delguy, 15. Juan Delguy.

Changes: ST: 2 ‘Agustín Rodríguez by Emilio Camba; 4 ‘Leonardo Segovia by Felipe Amado; 9 ‘Nicolás González Amorosino by Alejo Cóppola; 30 ‘Ignacio Cóppola for Eliseo Fourcade; 35 ‘Guido Romadetto for Tomás Montes.

Trainers: Gustavo Jorge, Conrado González Bravo and Nahuel Camargo.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Try by Enrique Devoto converted by Marcos Moroni (CUBA); 10 ‘try by Enrique Devoto (CUBA); 21 ‘try by Marcos Young converted by Marcos Moroni (CUBA); 26 ‘try by Joaquín Paz converted by Germán Klubus (Pucará); 31 ‘penalty converted by Germán Klubus (Pucará).

Partial result: CUBA 10-19 Pucará.

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 1 ‘try by Estanislao Carullo (CUBA); 14 ‘Enrique Devoto’s try converted by Marcos Moroni (CUBA); 21 ‘try by Germán Fiocca (Pucará); 25 ‘try by Joaquín Jorge (Pucará); 30 ‘try by Lucas Piña converted by Marcos Moroni (CUBA); 33 ‘try by Segundo Pisani converted by Marcos Moroni (CUBA); 40 ‘try by Iñaki Delguy converted by Germán Klubus.

Final score: CUBA 45-27 Pucará.

Admonished: ST 25 ‘Rodrigo Ávalos.

REFEREE: Juan Pablo Federico.


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