URBA Top 12: SIC pulled out plate and took a great victory over Alumni in Tortuguitas

URBA Top 12: SIC pulled out plate and took a great victory over Alumni in Tortuguitas

By the tenth date of URBA Top 12, SIC defeated Alumni in Tortuguitas by 28 to 20 and continues at the top of the contest with a high level.

On a rainy afternoon they faced the tournament leader and Alumni, who was looking to return to victory after two defeats. The local had in its initial formation with the former player of The Pumas Santiago González Iglesias, who had his first minutes last Saturday in front of CUBA.

The first half was very favorable for him SIC, where he imposed his game and scored twice under the sticks. The authors were: Andrea Panzarini at six minutes and Matthew Log after a pass from Justo Piccardo. In addition, the feet of Joaquin Lamas they did not fail in this time. So they went to rest 17 to 3 in favor of Ditch.

In the second stage Alumni went out to find the match and took the SIC to commit many infractions. It is so at 16 ‘ Second Gaviña managed to support the ingoal of those of San Isidro to get closer on the scoreboard. The visiting team reacted quickly and with two penalties converted by Joaquin lamas he was able to keep the advantage. Although at 32 minutes, Santiago Gonzáles Iglesias scored the first try since his return to leave the match 23 to 15 in favor of SIC.

With the cards as protagonists of the second half, those of San Isidro they were with two less men: Tomás Meyrelles and the admitted Alejandro Daireaux they were reprimanded, and with 10 minutes to finish the match the entered Lucas Rocha saw the red one. On the side of Alumni, Captain Mariano romanini saw the yellow one.

Finally the meeting ended 28 to 20 in favor of the SIC, who remains firm and as the absolute leader of the URBA Top 12. While Alumni added his second loss in a row at home.


ALUMNI (20): 1. Máximo Castrillo, 2. Juan Garri, 3. Ezequiel Oliva, 5. Juan Anderson, 4. Ignacio Milou, 6. Ignacio Etchegoyen, 7. Mariano Romanini (C), 8. Tobías Moyano, 9. Tomás Passerotti, 10 Tobías Wade, 11. Alejo Gonzáles Chávez, 12. Santiago González Iglesias, 13. Tomás Cubilla, 14. Segundo Gaviña, 15. Máximo Provenzano.

Trainers: Santiago Van der Ghote, Nahuel Neyra and Rodrigo Jiménez Salice.

Changes: ST 10 ‘Federico Lucca and Nicolás Frene by Máximo Castrillo and Ezequiel Oliva; 12 ‘Tomás Corneilles by Tomás Cubilla; 22 ‘Manuel Mora for Ignacio Milou; 23 ‘Juan Alvariñas for Ignacio Etchegoyen.

SIC (28): 1. Marcos Piccinini, 2. Andrea Panzarini, 3. Marcos Gatica, 5. Lucas Sommer, 4. Federico Haedo, 6. Marcos Borghi, 7. Tomás Comissati, 8. Tomás Meyrelles (C), 9. Juan Soares Gache, 10 Joaquín Lamas, 11. Mateo Madero, 12. Justo Piccardo, 21. Carlos Pirán, 14. Jacinto Campbell, 15. Gastón Arias.

Trainers: Santiago González Bonorino, Eduardo Victorica and Lucas Cilley.

Changes: ST 5 ‘Lucas Rocha by Andrea Panzarini; 8 ‘Marcos Rodríguez Gauxax for Juan Sores Gache; 11 ‘Alejandro Daireaux by Federico Haedo; 17 ‘Gonzalo Ezequiel Hughes for Marcos Gatica; 26 ‘Santos Rubio by Justo Piccardo.

POINTS IN THE FIRST TIME: 5 ‘Try Andrea Panzarini converted by Joaquín Lamas (S); 13 ‘Penalty converted by Tobías Wade (A); 15 ‘Try Mateo Madero converted by Joaquín Lamas (S); 28 ‘Penalty converted by Joaquín Lamas (S).

Partial result: ALUMNI 3 – SIC 17

POINTS IN THE SECOND TIME: 8 ‘Penalty converted by Joaquín Lamas (S); 16 ‘Try Segundo Gaviña (A); 21 ‘Penalty converted by Joaquín Lamas (S); 28 ‘Try Santiago González Iglesias converted by Tobias Wade (A); 32 ‘Try Jacinto Campbell (S); 39 ‘Try Máximo Provenzano (A).

Final score: ALUMNI 20- SIC 28

Admonished: ST 22 ‘Tomás Meyrelles (S); 25 ‘Alejandro Daireaux (S); 30 ‘Mariano Romanini (A).

DRIVEN OUT: ST 30 ‘Lucas Rocha (S).

REFEREE: Pablo Deluca

BASKETBALL COURT: Alumni, Tortuguitas.

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