Espanyol vs. Real Madrid – Game Report – October 3, 2021

Espanyol vs.  Real Madrid - Game Report - October 3, 2021

SPAIN – Espanyol defeated Real Madrid at the RCDE Stadium with a goal from Raúl de Tomás in the 17th minute and another by Aleix Vidal in the 60th minute that left Benzema’s goal, the most outstanding of the visiting team, in the 71.

Ancelotti’s pupils were not successful in offensive tasks, despite their insistence on the final stretch, and suffered greatly from the host’s cons. The white box, in this way, chains three games without knowing the victory after Villarreal (0-0) and the Sheriff (1-2).

Espanyol, meanwhile, adds its second win of the season and hits the table after a difficult start to the season, just before the league break due to international commitments.

The duel started with equality. An error by the Blue and White defense led to Benzema’s first warning about Diego López’s goal in the fifth minute. The first from Espanyol came from the hand of Embarba, with a cross shot that Courtois deflected. The exchange of blows did not draw a clear dominator.

In fact, the host was the one who took the lead. Raúl de Tomás, in the 17th minute, forcefully finished off a cross from Embarba, very active in attack, which left Alaba on the wing. The target encouraged the locals, who did not back down and sought to expand the advantage.

Real Madrid insisted with Vinicius and Benzema, but Espanyol’s defense was always well positioned. As the break drew near, the parakeets fell back, but Ancelotti’s men still couldn’t find a way to surprise the locals’ footballer.

In the resumption, the Madrid coach changed the drawing to a 4-3-3 with Vinicius and Rodrygo on the wings and Benzema in the lead. The visiting team, although they encountered a more conservative host in this second half, did not particularly threaten Vicente Moreno’s men in offensive tasks.

Espanyol was patient and had a prize. In the 60th minute, Aleix Vidal, in a lethal counter, scored the second goal of the afternoon at the RCDE Stadium. Race down the wing, spout to the defender and a low and powerful shot that dislodged Courtois. The clash was from the Catalans.

In fact, minutes later, Darder enjoyed a one on one in front of the goalkeeper who could not specify. Real Madrid lived delicate moments. His gunpowder did not work, although Benzema was exhibited scoring with an action invalidated by offside, and his rear showed clear cracks.

The Frenchman, however, carried out his threats. In the 71st minute, Benzema, by far the greatest visitor danger, and practically the only one, got rid of three defenders and adjusted the ball to the right post, an unattainable position for Diego López. The 2-1 drew a new scenario.

Vicente Moreno propped up his eleven with more defensive profiles while Real Madrid looked for a tie. Hazard scored the 2-2, annulled for offside: the whites lurked. Ancelotti’s pupils had several fouls to equalize the light, although he did not have enough success.

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