“I beat the most powerful heavyweight”: Belfort talks about fight with Holyfield

Evander Holyfield y Vitor Belfort

Vitor Belfort came out to defend himself from criticism after his victory against Evander holyfield and assured that he beat the best heavyweight in history.

“People criticize me for the fight, but I’m not worried about it,” he said in an interview with AG Fight. “I can say that I beat the most powerful heavyweight in history, the man who defeated Mike tyson. Unfortunately the haters are there just to criticize. If I fight someone over 50, would it be worth it? I knew that if he won the criticism would come. “

The combat was marked by the two falls of Evander in the first episode. The referee decided to stop the contest before the end of the initial round due to the punishment suffered by the former champion.

Nevertheless, Belfort did not agree with most people and considered that Holyfield He was nowhere near being able to give a big blow and take that fight.

“He tried to rip my head off, he tried to knock me out with that cross blow and he ended up falling to the ground,” said the Brazilian. “If I don’t dodge it, my head would be rolling on the ground.”

Belfort was originally going to fight with Oscar de la hoya, but the president of Golden Boy Promotions tested positive for coronavirus, so Holyfield, almost 60 years old, entered relief with less than two weeks of anticipation.

His fight was not as imposing as his physique and the function in general organized by Triller ended up full of criticism for how quickly the two main events ended (less than five minutes between them).

In the pre-stellar contest, Anderson Silva knocked out in the first round a Tito Ortíz. Here you can relive the moment.

Nevertheless, Belfort flattered Evander and revealed that he felt belittled for his triumph.

“He is powerful as a horse and he was boxing well, but the truth is that I was very precise,” he said. “Nobody talks about my precision and how well I did it. Everyone focused on how bad he looked. I think it wasn’t bad, I just destroyed it. “

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