The numbers of Los Pumas in the Rugby Championship

The numbers of Los Pumas in the Rugby Championship

The Rugby Championship is over for Los Pumas with the 32-17 defeat in Gold Coast against Australia. The numbers leave a big question mark on performance of the Argentine team that could not add points in the tournament standings and showed shortcomings, both in attack and defense.

The six losses in a row evidenced the operation. By second time since they played the tournament with the powers of the Southern Hemisphere, Los Pumas end the tournament no points, since in 2017 the epilogue was similar.

The harvest of points in favor was the lowest since the Argentine team has participated in the tournament. Barely 60 points against the 195 he received against. Thomas Gallo, who debuted in the last game and entered at 12 minutes of the complement, was the team tryman with two conquests. Emiliano Boffelli added 16 points and it was the goal scorer.

All losses were by more than 15 points and the more bulky It was in the first game against the All Blacks 39-0. The last game against Australia was the fewest points he received with 27. Only scored five tries throughout the tournament and the average points per game was ten so many per game.

In the fixed formations he showed good and bad, since although he achieved the second place with 82% of scrum wins, was the most loose on the line with 82.8%. Perhaps the aspect that favored the team the most in the general statistics was in defense: The Pumas occupy eight of the top ten in tackles. But here comes the paradox, since Pablo Matera and Gonzalo Bertranou they are the ones who tackled the most with 62 each.

The lesions They were also another inconvenience that those led by Mario Ledesma who met a week before the tournament starts and that was key in this time of pandemic. There were 17 casualties for different injuries that the team had throughout the competition.

The positive was the large number of players who made their debut in the team (9) and those who, with a handful of matches, have established themselves with the light blue and white jersey. There will now be five weeks of waiting until next stop what will the november window, when the Pumas were face France, Italy and Ireland.


– 0 The points in the table that the team got
– 6 losses in the tournament
– 2 times they finished without points in the table: the other was in 2017
– 2 Thomas Gallo tries: he was the team’s tryman in the tournament, having played just under half an hour
– 5 tries scored by Los Pumas in the entire tournament
– 8 Argentine players in the top 10 in number of tackles
– 9 Pumas that debuted during the competition. The previous record was 5, in 2020
– 16 points from Emiliano Boffelli, the team’s top scorer
– 17 the number of Argentine players injured during the 2021 Championship
– 62 the number of tackles by Pablo Matera and Gonzalo Bertranou, leaders in this area
– 82 the percentage of effectiveness in the scrum

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