The telenovela Teófimo-Kambosos continues; fight will not take place on october 16

Teófimo López y George Kambosos

The championship fight between Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos, scheduled for next Monday, October 16, was canceled because the Australian did not sign the authorization to change the date and venue of the contest.

This is a new chapter in the first defense that the fighter of Honduran origin will make of the light belts of the FIB, WBA and OMB.

Originally the contest was scheduled for June 5, but the promoter Triller decided to move it to the 19 of that same month.

Nevertheless, Theophimus tested positive and passed to August in Australia, but Lopez He did not want to go to the country due to the restrictions they had, so he moved to October 4.

Now, Triller sought to pass the contest from October 4 to 16 and move the headquarters, but they needed the authorization of both boxers and Kambosos I do not accept.

In a letter from Triller for the FIB, the promoter asked to remove George of their rankings and thus fight against the best placed boxer, which is Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz.

He also asked that they return the million 200 thousand dollars they deposited to secure the contest.

The FIB, which was the one that put the mandatory combat for Lopez, held an auction at the beginning of the year because Theophimus did not reach an agreement that Top Rank, which is the company with which it is signed.

Triller bid upwards of $ 6 million to get the rights to the fight, while Matchroom He put just over $ 3.5 million on the table.

Due to the current situation, the FIB can take away the rights to Triller to give to Matchroom.

Fight on Twitter between Teófimo and Kambosos

In past days, Teofimo Lopez and George Kambosos they had an exchange in Twitter, because the Australian did not want to change the date of the fight.

“Delirious child with exhausted weight,” he wrote Kambosos. “Why wait for October 16? We have a date signed for 4. As I told you at the press conference, I would do it right now, so if you want, we can meet outside of MSG. Just you and me and let’s see who’s the best. I’m sorry to tell you, but no one is afraid of you. “

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