Lionel Scaloni: “We are not invincible, we know where we stand”

Lionel Scaloni: "We are not invincible, we know where we stand"

The technical director of the Argentine National Team Lionel Scaloni spoke in the run-up to the triple date of the South American Qualifiers against Paraguay, Uruguay and Peru.

In the official account of Argentina, they published an interview with the coach and below are his best phrases:

“I am anxious for these games to arrive because it is an important date and we believe that we are doing well. Always with the desire that the players arrive as well as possible and that there is no setback to start working”

“Between the first and the second game there is little time and that changes everything. The big problem is the second because you come with the burden of the previous one and you have to prepare the other. In the last date we did not play three because with Brazil it was not played and It is something new for us, which we hope to face in the best way. We have a wide call and we hope to have all of them. Luckily we do not have long trips this time. “

“We already have a base, those called up are almost always the same, that gives you peace of mind that they know what the coach wants from them even though there is little time to work. You can always improve, we are not invincible by any means, we know where we are unemployed and there are things to do better … promoting what was done well. “

On the injured: “There are players that for one thing or another we cannot count and give them continuity. It is very difficult. I would have liked to have them and it is a setback, but hey … we have other guys to replace them and do the same or better”.

Due to the pandemic, the juveniles have not been able to have the same filming, we would have loved if we could train together and see what it is to train with the Major. Hopefully everything works out so that these guys can see their idols up close and learn from them. And continue to draw a line of work: feel the shirt, have a sense of belonging. That always existed but this coaching staff (and those of Youth) went through the National Team and is instilling a way of feeling the shirt that is positive. “

“I like that people have enjoyed it, but the triumphs last very little. It lasted a day for me because I was already thinking about what was coming. I am very happy for the National Team fan who was waiting for him and it was unfair that this shirt He hasn’t won another Cup in recent years. He has deserved it in the World Cup and in other America’s Cups. “

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