Luis Rojas could not overcome the chaos called New York Mets

Luis Rojas could not overcome the chaos called New York Mets

The only Dominican manager in the 2021 Major League Baseball season is the most recent “victim” of a team that for years has not been able to define its course

It was no mystery to anyone that, if New York Mets did not achieve the postseason qualification in 2021, important changes would come. Ever since Steven Cohen became owner of the team and established a winning mentality, whatever the cost, it was more than predictable that along with him, drastic measures would be applied to change the losing record of the whole of Queens.

From day one, Cohen implanted his way of thinking about the squad, looking for immediate changes, so, with a cautious hope, fans of the Mets they felt that transformations were coming, which, so far, have not come.

After two campaigns in which the Mets have been unable to make the postseason since the arrival of Cohen, the “difficult” decisions begin and the first to pay the price is the now former team leader, Luis Rojas.

Red was the foreman of the Mets In the last two seasons and although under his command the team showed, at times, the ability to be competitive, circumstances did not arise and his time leading the New York squad came to an end.

Hence comes the question,Luis Rojas was responsible for the failure of the Mets under your management? Certainly, putting the full weight of two years of failure on the leader alone would be unfair and wrong.

The Mets They have structural problems from their offices, starting with the amount of responsibility that falls on the president of the team, Sandy Alderson, who has to take care of all the administrative part of the team and act as manager at the same time, organizing the personnel part.

This complicated communication with the offices of the Mets, according to the own words of Luis Rojas to the Dominican journalist, Alexander Gómez.

“There has not been much talk here, communication has not been very good inside, but it has been very difficult to evaluate that, because we have had a dysfunctional office,” he said. Red in an interview with the aforementioned journalist.

Additionally, the Mets’ offensive performance was, in a word, a disaster during 2021. They barely hit a .238 average and a .705 OPS. Only one of his players hit .290 or more (Brandon Nimmo at .296) and only two surpassed 30 homers and 85 RBIs, with one of them being Javier Baez, who came via change from Chicago Cubs.

Finally, the confrontation between players and fans was something that demonstrated the lack of leadership within the team. This can be attributed, at least in part, to the management of Red, who, instead of taking the reins, let things escalate to the point where the owner and the president had to intervene.

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