“Manny Pacquiao, at the level of Ali, Leonard, Mayweather and me,” says Óscar de la Hoya

Manny Pacquiao Óscar de la Hoya

Oscar de la hoya spoke about the official retirement of Manny pacquiao professional boxing and noted that the Filipino’s career is at the level of Muhammad Ali, Sugar ray leonard, Floyd mayweather, and his.

Manny pacquiao, when I decided to fight you I had no idea how special you were, “he said. From the pot in a live session on their social networks. “When you threw punches and did not get tired and showed a special talent, that night I knew that you were going to be someone different. And that difference puts you in a category of elite fighters like Muhammad Ali, What Sugar ray leonard, What Floyd mayweather, like me”,

Golden boy He assured that it was a pleasure meeting him and fighting him, so he wishes him the best in his next plans.

“We are a few (at that level), so Manny pacquiao, I appreciate your career and I loved your career and thank you. And I wish you the best in your life after boxing, “he explained. Oscar de la hoya.

Oscar de La Hoya sees Pacquiao triumphant as president

The same way, Oscar explained that Pac-man he will surely win the presidency of his country for all the love he has for his people.

“Go seek the presidency because you deserve it, he has a good heart and he will do incredibly well for the Philippine country. So i love you Manny (Pacquiao)“, argument From the pot.

Pacquiao has already registered as a candidate for the presidency

The former boxer already registered a few days ago as a candidate for the government in the Philippines and thus finalizing his career above the ring, so now he will face other rivals but in the politics of his country.

Pacquiao He will run for the election next May 2022, and he has already made some promises of what he will do if he wins public office.

“My priority is to resolve the pandemic so that we can propel the economy towards recovery,” said the Filipino.

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