Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield discuss Tyson Fury-Deontay Wilder fight

Tyson, Wilder, Holyfield y Fury

Mike tyson advised Deontay Wilder that I leave everything in the first half of the fight against Tyson fury if you want to win the fight this Saturday, October 9.

“I like it Wilder, but here the question that I keep asking myself is if he is there to win or just to keep a big bag, “he said. Mike, in accordance with BoxingScene.com. “You have to bet it all for the first five or six rounds.”

Fury and Wilder will meet for the third time for the world heavyweight title of the CMB.

In their last meeting, the American was dominated by Fury and ended up getting knocked out in the seventh episode in February 2020.

Despite his last performance, Tyson I consider that Wilder He must go with everything, without thinking about what will happen if he loses.

The heavyweight legend feels like connecting and pushing Fury, Deontay will have an open window to be able to take the fight.

“If he can catch it, he will have a great opportunity,” he added. Mike tyson. “You must go for all, win or lose, but you must go without fear.”

Evander Holyfield Analysis

Another heavyweight champion like Evander holyfield does not feel that Deontay Wilder must try new things.

“In all this, one always works to be the best,” he said in an interview for Fighthype. “We should ask ourselves if he is at that point of doing it in a natural way. The worst thing for a fighter is letting someone come and impose new things on you to do. Suddenly you start to think too much about certain things ”.

Evander considered that the age at which Wilder started in sports, it can have consequences.

“Boxing is a reaction sport,” he added. “If you and I boxed, you wouldn’t be as comfortable as I was knowing what I could do to counter you. The thing with Deontay is that he started boxing bigger. When someone starts out not so young, they only dominate one style and that’s it ”.

Finally, he added that the adjustments in the combat against Fury could cost Wilder if you don’t apply them correctly.

“Many do not know how to make adjustments in certain fights, but I do not know if it is the case of Wilder ”, he pointed. “He is one of my favorite fighters. He must be faithful to what he is good at and from there gradually implement it, maybe he can win or maybe not ”.

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