The curious request of Tyson Fury to Joe Biden, president of the United States

Tyson Fury y Joe Biden

Tyson fury made a curious request to the president of USA, Joe biden, let your British fans travel to Las Vegas to witness his fight with Deontay Wilder next October 9.

“I still have my fingers crossed so that in the end the President Biden let my fans travel, “he said Fury it’s a statement. “I am putting pressure on some Brits to invade Las Vegas and make me feel like they did in the second fight with Wilder“.

Although it is expected that the measures will soon undergo changes in favor of tourists, a restriction is maintained to travel directly from the United Kingdom to USA, so many of his fans cannot travel.

Nevertheless, Fury He will try to move some things to be able to count on his followers and insisted that it would be crazy to have this fight without them.

“This trilogy is huge,” he added. “The first in the heavyweights since Richard Bowe and Evander holyfield do theirs, just Muhammad Ali and Joe frazier they did it before modern times. To think of one of the biggest sporting events in recent years without my British fans is crazy ”.

Fury He also highlighted the passion of his followers and the money they are willing to spend in order to live the show.

Honesty in Fury’s request to Biden

“When the English go to a place, we take over the environment,” he said. “Yes, it is true that we drink a lot, we are wild and passionate, we scream at the top of our lungs. We are capable of going anywhere and also our fans spend a lot of money in these fights ”.

Fury will make the first defense of the scepter of CMB in the third fight I have with Wilder. In the first they tied and in the second Tyson he knocked him out in the seventh round.

This fight will define the future of the heavyweight division, after Oleksandr Usyk became the new world champion by defeating Anthony Joshua.

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