Why do they call Saúl Álvarez Canelo? The curious reason for his nickname

Apodo de Canelo Álvarez

There are nicknames that become part of the identity of a person and even help to position the image of an athlete. It is the case of Saul Alvarez, who goes by the nickname Canelo, in LEFT PUNCH We will tell you how it came about and who put it on.

In boxing it is very common for athletes to have a nickname that becomes part of their identity, Saul Alvarez is better known as the Canelo, nickname that accompanies him since his beginnings, when he was just 13 years old and he began to train.

El Canelo was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, in 1990. His love for boxing was acquired thanks to his seven brothers, who started in the discipline.

Photo: Canelo Álvarez (Instagram)

Who gave the nickname Canelo?

When he was 13 years old, Álvarez came to a boxing gym for the first time, the coach was Jose ‘El Chepo’ Reynoso, who called him ‘Canelito’, this due to the boxer’s hair color. When he grew up he stayed as ‘Canelo’ and it has been important to create his image.

“The nickname was given to me by my coach Jose Chepo Reynoso when I started training in his gym. The reason was due to the color of my hair. First my name is ‘Canelito’ because I was young, when I grew up I changed it simply to ‘Canelo’ ”, commented the boxer.

El Canelo blames his older brother for his nickname, because he liked boxing and because of him he came to the “El Chepo” gym, where he was able to develop in the beginning until he turned professional. There are many anecdotes to tell, for example he made his professional debut at 15 years old.

“What I have most engraved in my heart is when I said to him: ‘Saúl, you are going to make your debut as a professional’ and that has been one of the great satisfactions for me, having told him and looking at the joy in his eyes, it was going to be a professional ”, Explains El Chepo.

Today, Canelo is a brand that has made the boxer recognized throughout the world, even the Mexican boxer’s companies carry that nickname.


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