Berizzo says that Lorenzo Melgarejo asked not to be summoned

Berizzo says that Lorenzo Melgarejo asked not to be summoned

Paraguay is quite complicated with mathematics, facing the triple date of the South American Qualifiers to Qatar 2022, in which he will have to face Argentina, Chile and Peru. That is why the absence of a player who has been performing well in Libertad was surprising: Lorenzo Melgarejo.

The white-haired coach Eduardo Berizzo explained at the press conference on Tuesday why he did not summon Melgarejo: “He was on my list, I communicate with him as I always do before the call and he asked me not to be there for personal reasons” Berizzo explained.

It is that he was not summoned and it was speculated that it would be a kind of retaliation for the statements of his father, who has the Argentine coach between his eyebrows, talking about him in various media.

After this revelation, Blas Melgarejo, Lorenzo’s father, spoke on the program Big football and put cold cloths. “I have not spoken with my son yet. Now I do not want to talk, let the ball roll on these three dates and then I will clarify many things,” he said.

Paraguay will receive Argentina at the Defensores del Chaco stadium, next Thursday, October 7 from 8:00 p.m., on the 11th date. On Sunday, the 10th, it will visit Chile at the San Carlos de Apoquindo stadium in the city of Santiago, from 21:00 (Paraguayan time), rescheduled for the 5th date. And finally, he will close the October combo on Thursday 14 when he measures Bolivia at the Hernando Siles de la Paz stadium at 17:00 (Paraguayan time), a game to be held on the 12th date of the South American Qualifiers.

La Albirroja is positioned in sixth place with 11 points in the World Cup qualifying rounds, two points away are Colombia and Ecuador with 13 units and four from third place Uruguay, which has 15. It is closely followed by Peru, which has 8 and Chile that has 7 points.

In the most salient parts of the press conference, this was said by Berizzo:

“Argentina gained confidence. He eased the pressure (by being the champion of America), but for us the game will be the same; we must be uncomfortable, the pressure as high as possible, to prevent them from controlling the game. Then, yes, use the ball with great discretion, (Argentines) are not going to forgive an innocent loss. (We must) develop the game, take it (the ball) to the midfielders and let them find the between the lines ”.

“You have to make a staggered mark on Lionel Messi and cancel those who assist him.”

“Depending on the scheme to be used (line of four or five in the background), the left-back is between Omar Alderete or Santiago Arzamendia, or both, taking into account the virtues of Argentina, which make (Lionel) Messi and Lautaro (Martínez) get off the hook from the team ”.

“We need our attack to be dynamic and not positional.”

Ángel and Oscar Romero are there to perform at their best, their form will not deteriorate because they have no competition. They are very professional players, they care about their training, and that is why we are going to train them as long as possible ”.

“We make the calls in advance and we wait until the last moment. Unfortunately, David Martínez and Blas Riveros did not recover and they were deactivated”

“Gastón Giménez is a starter in his team, he has continuity and the reasons why he is coming are because he gives us control, he has aerial play and very good physical capacity.”

“The planning goes” game by game. First Argentina, then Chile and later with Bolivia. We are not going to save people or plan if we do not know how we finished the first game. Today is Argentina. Then we are going to think about that (Bolivia, for the height of La Paz) ”.

La Albirroja could repeat against Argentina the tactical figure of the match with Uruguay in Montevideo, but without Miguel Almirón as the driver of the game, due to the sacrifice that it implies for the player and the cost of offensive play that it represents, it would be a possibility, according to Berizzo.

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