Bianca Andreescu, between defending her title and another kind of smile

Bianca Andreescu, between defending her title and another kind of smile

Bianca Andreescu was 18 years old and 60th in the world when she arrived at Indian Wells 2019. Muguruza, Svitolina and Kerber saw their explosion continued. A teenager shaking up the WTA circuit and winning perhaps the most important tournament outside of the Majors.

“The advice I would give is: always be grateful, even if they have the greatest successes because they can get everything out of you. For me it was injuring myself just after, two months after (winning the US Open 2019). Don’t spend too much time in your head , stay confident obviously but don’t become arrogant: ‘I won a Grand Slam, look at me’. Stay humble, stay grateful, and keep working hard. Everyone says it, at least in my experience it is: it’s easy to get to the top but staying there is the hard part“Answers Andreescu (21 years, 21st in the world) when asked what he would say to Raducanu and Leylah Fernández, the U-20s who defined the US Open 2021. It is the Media Day prior to the start of Indian Wells 2021. One strange defense of his first title on the circuit.

Andreescu won the US Open 2019, was 4th in the world and was injured. Bianca was injured many times: He did not play professionally in all of 2020.

“Mental stress contributes to physical stress and played a role in my injuries. What really helped me was working with a mental coach. I know a lot of people don’t like it but it helps me. Also taking time for myself, watching series, things outside of tennis. Being with the people I love, finding things that help me relax. And find deep things like who I am, what I want in my life, find my purpose, “Bianca told ESPN Tennis before competing in Montreal 2021.

Sven Groeneveld has been Andreescu’s coach for a few months and for Bianca, Sven’s greatest contribution is not tennis: “How to react to winning a Grand Slam even two years later. I had a difficult moment and sometimes I feel like I wasn’t managing it the right way. the best form but I feel like I’m improving in that area with the help of Sven and his experience. “

In 2021 he has played 27 games, with 16 wins and 11 losses. He was a finalist in Miami (he was injured against Barty) and the round of 16 at the US Open.

After that paradisiac 2019 and the null 2020, Andreescu returned to playing and being competitive this season: “The most important thing for me this year was to stop looking at the past, that I was doing it too much and it was ruining me. I always tell myself: “I want to play like I did in 2019, like I did before” but I have to change that mentality and start focusing on the present because the past is the past. Until the future, I look at the future a lot, I stopped it. I said to myself: “I lived every moment as if it were the last.” Obviously it does not come easy because I still feel that my mind is everywhere but it is improving and meditation, my team around. Will improve.

The dimples differentiate smiles from good manners to smiles born of enthusiasm: “I think looking at the past in a positive way is beneficial. I was looking at it in a negative way because I was so hard on myself. Saying” Why? What if? “, Having all those thoughts. Something I did was go back, watch my videos and try to feel the emotions that I felt at that moment and for this tournament I did the same a few days ago. Indian Wells posted a video With my best shots and seeing that took me to a good place and knowing that I won the tournament takes you to a nice place. To change from that negative way to a positive one. “

Before closing the virtual press conference, on the day before the start of the main draw of Indian Wells 2021, Bianca answered ESPN Tennis about her connection with the present and something that raised some previous questions: the meditation: “My mother told me He showed meditation when I was very young, 13. From that moment I have been building and building on it. At first I hated meditation with all my heart, because it’s a lot of patience and I don’t have any of that. It is still a work in progress because at times it is difficult for me to sit for thirty minutes. So I try to work on that. Have a good 15 minutes every morning, I try to do it every morning. And every night, I divide it in two. Building on that, it helps me in games because I can focus for long periods. Not only does it help me for that but it also helps me stay in the present and helps me navigate my negative thoughts. I tell myself positive things and be grateful for everything I have. Help me”.

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