Cowboys not satisfied, despite wins and growing expectation

Cowboys not satisfied, despite wins and growing expectation

Cowboys are achieving a performance that makes their fans stand out

ARLINGTON, Texas – As Dak Prescott spoke after Sunday’s 36-28 win over the Carolina Panthers in the AT&T Stadium, fans at the adjoining Miller Lite Club began pounding on the glass in the interview room and scream.

Prescott’s smile grew wider as he spoke and the screams of the fans, which included a boy wearing the Dallas Cowboys quarterback jersey number 4, they got stronger and stronger.

This is what happens when the Cowboys win. Expectations grow. Dreams get wilder. Thoughts of going deep into the playoffs and a potential Super Bowl since 1995 begin to dance in the minds of almost everyone who loves the team and perhaps those who hate it too, expecting inevitable failure when the games are more important and the season grows old.

After defeating the previously undefeated Panthers, a lot seems possible.

The Cowboys have an offense that can throw across the field. Think of the Week 1 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers when Prescott threw for 403 yards and three touchdowns with wide receivers Amari Cooper and CeeDee Lamb finishing with more than 100 yards. And they have an offense that can cut through anyone too. Look what running back Ezekiel Elliott did to the Panthers. Entering the game, Carolina allowed 135 rushing yards in her first three games. Elliott had 20 carries for 143 yards and a touchdown.

The Cowboys have a defense that can steal the ball. Look at cornerback Trevon Diggs, with two interceptions off Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold, Diggs leads the NFL with five in four games. He is the first Cowboy in 60 years to have taken a pass in each of the first four games (Don Bishop, 1961) and the first Cowboy to have five interceptions in the first four games since Chuck Howley in 1968.

The last player to have five interceptions in the first four games of a season was former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper.

The defense may allow too many yards, but in the second half Sunday it had four consecutive stops that saw a 14-13 deficit at halftime turn into a 36-14 lead in the fourth quarter. The unit captured Darnold five times, led by two from Randy Gregory.

“We needed to win early this year,” coach Mike McCarthy said. “That was clearly evident from last year. [cuando los Cowboys tuvieron marca de 6-10]. We have had some adversities. It has been good to win having this adversity. We have many things we can improve on. That is the way we will approach it. We will continue to evaluate in the same way, whether we win or not. I don’t really like comparisons. It’s not fair to this team or teams in the past. I love the vibe of our group. I’ve said it since the spring. His work ethic is top notch. “

In the past, the Cowboys may have been consumed by their success.

“We have played very well this first month of the season, but the most important thing I want us to do is play a complete game,” Elliott said. “We shouldn’t, but we got up and I think we took our foot off the gas. I think our next step as a football team is to go out there and smother a team.”

As Elliott spoke, Gregory sat barefoot on the interview room floor, 25 feet from his teammate.

“We played very well for three quarters and I think the guys relaxed a bit. We can’t have that, “Gregory agreed after the third multi-sack game of his career.” We have the ability to shut out teams and finish them off. I think we had the opportunity to do that this week, just like the week. last, and we don’t take advantage of that. I think that’s probably the aspect of our game in general that we need to improve on. “

In the past, the owner and general manager Jerry jones He was doing more than getting his feet into hyperbole after a big win or two. Even he was limited after beating the Panthers.

“This is one by one,” Jones said before stepping into an elevator.

The Cowboys are 3-1 and only the Arizona Cardinals have a better record in the NFC. Dallas leads the NFC East, but McCarthy is cautious at least until after next week’s visit from the New York Giants. History tells him that the Cowboys have a lot of work to do.

Their players know it too.

“What we talk about as a group and as a unit is creating that winning culture,” Prescott said. “I’m pretty sure Coach McCarthy said it over and over with all of you. I know everyone saw it on ‘Hard Knocks’, but we want to be the best. We want to win. And we want to win at the end of the year. And we want to go play the last game [Super Bowl LVI] in California. So we have to keep building on this culture week after week no matter where we are in the game. “

As I walked off the stage to the locker room, Prescott greeted the fans and asked them to make more noise.

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