“I don’t know if Fury cheated”: Deontay Wilder’s handler does not agree with accusations


Shelly Finkel, the manager of the race Deontay Wilder, does not fully support the accusations that his fighter leveled at Tyson fury that he cheated in the first two fights.

As he commented to Social Boxing, Finkel did not give his approval on the indictments that Wilder threw him at Fury.

“Well, there are many things that have happened,” outlined the manager. “Much is emotional?Fury he cheated? I do not know. I never want to accuse someone of cheating. We know that this is something important. Were there any dirty tactics? I think that in some images you can see elbows and things like that ”.

Deontay Wilder accused Tyson fury of misplacing the gloves purpose to have a more forceful hit, adding that the Englishman had put a small weight inside the glove. In addition, he also accused one of his coaches, Mark Breland, of participating in a conspiracy to put sleeping pills in the water he drank on the corner.

“I can only judge what I saw in photos,” he continued Finkel. “The commission did nothing. I don’t want to discuss the past. You cannot change it. Now we will be very careful with everything that happens in this fight. That’s really all we can hope for. I know that Deontay he’s looking to reclaim his title, reclaim it in a devastating way. “

Finkel note that in the preview for this third fight between Wilder and Fury Strange things have also happened.

“Many things have happened since then,” he analyzed. Finkel. “The change of coaches. Going to arbitration to get what was right from Deontay. Fury gets sick and retires with Covid ”.

Deontay Wilder almost knocked out Tyson fury.

Wilder wasn’t 100 percent, Finkel says

The handler thinks that Deontay Wilder was diminished in his second fight with Fury, and that if it had been good, he would have won the fight.

“Yes Deontay it would have been 80 or 90 percent, I would also have won ”, commented the promoter. “In the second round, Fury He said he was hit with a right hand, which he thought would knock him down. And that was a Deontay unbalanced and cornered in a corner. If that hit reconnects it Deontay in the ring on October 9, this is over. “

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