Jimmy Garoppolo has chances to play this week with 49ers

Jimmy Garoppolo has chances to play this week with 49ers

San Francisco doesn’t rule out the quarterback facing the Cardinals after his calf injury; Trent Williams could have action too; Remember that you can follow the NFL through Star +, subscribe here!

SANTA CLARA – Due to the seemingly endless series of injuries plaguing his team, the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Kyle shanahan, he learned long ago not to believe too much in what they tell him on match days, be it good news or bad.

Shanahan prefers to wait for more tests to be done the next day, so she was able to get a little sigh of relief on Monday when she was informed that the calf injury quarterback right Jimmy Garoppolo and from the left tackle’s right shoulder Trent williams they will not be long-term injuries.

According to Shanahan, Garoppolo and Williams They will be evaluated as the week progresses and both have a chance to play against the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday.

“At least we know that it is not something too serious that it will be long-term, which was a possibility,” he said. Shanahan. “I think with Trent we have better news than with Jimmy, but with Jimmy, we have to see how he reacts here in the next two days. But they were both definitely better news today than the feeling we had last night. “

The closest review to Garoppolo revealed a blow to the calf, which could take some time to heal but could also take only a few days, allowing Garoppolo start the game against the Cardinals.

“It means you have a chance,” he said. Shanahan. “It wasn’t as bad as we thought it could have been. He’s in a lot of pain, it still hurts. Luckily, when Wednesday comes around, if he’s improving, he’ll have a good chance to play. If he’s not completely improved by Wednesday, probably it will be a little longer

The news was even better for Williams. Yes OK Shanahan was less clear about what exactly his shoulder injury is, he said Williams you are dealing with some fluid in your shoulder that needs to be corrected. However, he was optimistic that Williams It will be fine for Arizona.

“That was probably one of the best news we received considering what we were concerned about at the beginning,” he said. Shanahan. “There is some liquid there and stuff, so there are some problems, but it is something that I hope can be recovered between now and Sunday.”

Yes Garoppolo or Williams Unable to return Sunday, both would be shaping up to play the Niners’ next game, which would take place two weeks later on October 24 after their break in Week 6.

Yes OK Shanahan was hopeful with both players, he mentioned that Garoppolo was more questionable than Williams. Which means rookie Trey Lance, who played in the second half in place of Garoppolo In Sunday’s 28-21 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, he could still start his first NFL game.

Garoppolo said he suffered the injury in the first offensive series of San Francisco and indicated that he thought a Seahawks defender had stepped on his calf. Garoppolo he tried to play through the injury and did so until halftime before leaving his place to Lance.

Lance finished with nine completions on 18 attempts for 157 yards with two touchdowns and rushed seven times for 41 yards at the place of Garoppolo.

On Monday, Shanahan recognized that the uncertainty surrounding the state of Garoppolo it means the Niners will have to start building a game plan that at least considers Lance starting in Arizona.

“Every week you want to tell him to focus like he’s the starting quarterback,” he said. Shanahan. “This is the first week that he’s legitimately got a chance to do it on the first play. So he’s going to have to approach it that way, learn from the things he did last night, and be ready for Wednesday.”

In other injury news, 49ers They will be without running back Robbie Gould for three to five weeks. Gould sprained his groin just before the loss to Seattle and did not play. It is expected that 49ers test kickers Tuesday and sign one as they consider placing Gould on injured reserve.

Tight end George Kittle, who also played with a calf injury against the Seahawks after missing two practices last week, will take a similar approach this week. Shanahan He said Kittle will be managed throughout the week as the Niners hope to have him available against the Cardinals.

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