Marcus Maye faces charges after being arrested for driving while intoxicated

Marcus Maye faces charges after being arrested for driving while intoxicated

The Jets safety was arrested last February and is shaping up to receive an NFL punishment.

The deep of the New York Jets, Marcus maye, faces charges for your arrest for driving while intoxicated and colliding a vehicle which occurred on February 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, according to Broward County court records.

The arrest, which had not been previously reported by the media, subject to Maye to the NFL’s personal conduct policies, which means that could result in a suspension. A video call hearing was scheduled for October 20 between the attorney for Mayer and the state attorney, according to records.

Failure to report an incident is grounds for punishment according to league policy.

Maye, aged 28, was charged with driving while intoxicated and two other misdemeanors: driving while intoxicated / damage to property and person, and leaving the scene of the accident, according to the police report. He posted a $ 1,500 bond.

The league is reviewing the matter under its personal conduct policies, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said. Apparently the Jets they were not aware of arrest.

“We are not going to comment on a pending legal matter,” said the spokesman for the Jets to ESPN.

Agent Maye, Erik Burkhardt, said in a statement to ESPN that: “It is an ongoing legal matter and our attorney has advised us that we cannot comment. We trust that it will be resolved positively. We hope that Marcus come back to the field soon. “

Maye, who was traveling alone in the car, allegedly crashed into the back of another vehicle while driving in North Florida. There were no injuries, according to the traffic report, but the driver of the other car – Jamila Abraham of Belle Glade, Florida – filed a civil lawsuit and is seeking more than $ 30,000, according to court documents.

Maye He was found in his car near where the accident occurred, according to the police report, which also states that he was unresponsive and did not know that he had hit another vehicle. His eyes were red, he spoke with problems and officers detected the smell of alcohol, according to the report. Officers saw vomit on the driver’s door and on the floor of the car.

Maye He told officers that he had not been drinking and that the smell was two days old. I don’t want to do the field sobriety test and a breath test. There was damage to his car that corresponded to damage to the other vehicle, according to the report.

Marcus Maye he has not committed any crime, nor was he intoxicated, “said Eric Schwartzreich, attorney for Maye, in an email sent to The Associated Press. “Mr. Maye he will have his day in court for these wrongful accusations, which we trust he will not be found guilty. “

The arrest it happened two weeks before Maye, chosen by his teammates as the Most Valuable Player of the Jets In 2020, it received the franchise label of the Jets. As a rule, the two parties had until July 15 to finalize a multi-year agreement, but never came close to an agreement, the sources told ESPN.

As a result, Maye he is playing a one-year contract for the amount of the tag: 10.6 million dollars.

Maye He is recovering from an ankle injury that occurred in Week 3 that forced him to miss Sunday’s 27-24 overtime victory against the Tennessee Titans. It is expected to be lost in three to four weeks.

Drafted in the second round of the draft in 2017, Maye is the longest-serving member of the Jets. He has appeared in 57 games – all as a starter – and has six interceptions.

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