Mario Moccia is the new president of the Argentine Olympic Committee

Mario Moccia is the new president of the Argentine Olympic Committee

The historical reference of handball, Mario Moccia, was elected yesterday as the new president of the Argentine Olympic Committee (COA) in a special assembly of the Executive Council that was held at the headquarters of the Argentine Equestrian Club, in Buenos Aires.

Moccia will lead the institution in the 2021-2025 period, replacing Gerardo Werthein, and will be the 21st president of the entity, where he already served as general secretary during the last three cycles: 2009-2013, 2013-2017 and 2017-2021.

“I want to thank you for your trust and comment that these twelve years that we shared together with Gerardo Werthein were very important to me and I hope to stay on the same path during my tenure,” said the brand new president of the COA.

“It really is a special day, which makes me very excited. I am very happy to preside over this body that I love so much and with this progressive Statute, which allows the Argentine Olympic Committee, in my view, to be the most modern in the world ”, he pointed out.

“This team has representation from all parties to be able to articulate the next four years with a comprehensive spirit, taking into account gender equality, the representation of athletes and the different summer and winter sports disciplines,” he added.

Alicia Masoni de Morea will be the first vice president and the head of the Athletes Commission, the former Olympic cycling champion, Walter Pérez, will function as vice second.

As third vice president, Marcelo Achile was appointed president of Defensores de Belgrano, while Sergio Groupierre, a historic fencing leader, will be the new general secretary. Paula Pareto, Olympic judo champion in Rio de Janeiro 2016, will be the new athlete representative.

As established by the statute of the COA, the board of directors will be made up of the member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Argentina, the aforementioned Werthein; the president of the Athletes Commission, Pérez, who will take over as deputy second; and the delegate of the CA, the retired judoka Pareto.

Moccia currently serves as First Vice President of Panam Sports (2020-2024) and of the South American Sports Organization (2019-2023) and also fulfills the role of Secretary General of the National High Performance Entity (Enard), a position that he will hold until end of the year.

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