“My job is only as a coach”: Eddy Reynoso declines diet and medication from the Canelo Team

“Mi labor es solo como entrenador”: Eddy Reynoso se deslinda de dieta y medicación del Canelo Team

Eddy reynoso, boss of the Canelo TeamHe pointed out that he is only dedicated to training all the boxers who are members of his team and made it clear that he is not in charge of diet, supplements or medications. This, after the accusations of doping that have been made towards his gym.

“They hire me to train boxers,” he said. Eddy reynoso in interview for Little Giant Boxing. “I am not dedicated to supplementing boxers or medicating boxers; I don’t have any knowledge of medicine or any knowledge of nutritional supplementation ”.

What is Eddy Reynoso’s job at the Canelo Team?

The same way, Reynoso clarified what his work is with each of the boxers under his charge, except for Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“In the case of Oscar Valdez, from Andy ruiz, Ryan Garcia and Frank Sanchez, I do a job as a coach ”, he explains Eddy. “They pay me to train them; I am not paid to supplement them, because I am not aware of supplementation; They do not pay me to medicate them, because I am not a doctor; Nor do they pay me as a psychologist, because I am not a psychologist; I am not paid as a manager; because I am not his manager. I train them two hours a day in the gym and they go home. So my job with them is just as a coach and that’s what they pay me for ”.

That is why Eddy reynoso he dissociates himself from accusations of doping in his fighters, because he says he does not take care of other things than training.

“I am a coach,” he emphasizes Reynoso. “I dedicate myself to the gym 100%; I am hired to make and lead a boxer to win championships, and for which I earn my money. I do not earn my money doing nonsense, and doing things that are not worth it because I do not have the knowledge to supplement and medicate boxers ”.

“Canelo” Álvarez is a full stop

Eddy made it clear that things with him Canelo Alvarez they are somewhat different with the other members. In the case of Saul, Eddy he does perform managerial duties, as well as coach.

“Look with Canelo, I’ve been training him with my dad since I was 13 ”, he says. Eddy. “I manage his career at this time. I take care of Canelo 100% of managing his career and training him. And it is Munir Somoya, which is the one in charge of kinesiology and physically preparing him ”.

Eddy Reynoso talks about Óscar Valdez’s doping

The coach also took time to talk about the scandal that took place around Oscar Valdez, who tested positive for a prohibited substance, which in the end was not accepted by the CMB and was able to defend his title.

“I think he was very punished Oscar Valdez with this one with this issue and I think that it is not worth it, “he said. Eddy. “He has always been a dedicated fighter, a very disciplined fighter, a clean fighter. He gave his argument and this was enough for them to have approved the fight both the World Boxing Council as the Arizona Commission“.

Eddy reynoso ensures that Oscar Valdez he is a clean fighter.

Oscar Valdez He is without a doubt one of the most disciplined boxers I have ever trained, “he said. Eddy. “He is one of the most disciplined boxers out there today, a very dedicated boy. And as I told you, he was beaten a lot by some people because many people also gave him support, but I think I’m going to keep working, to keep fighting ”.

Reynoso assured that from here many people hung themselves to attack him, Saul Alvarez and his entire team of fighters.

“Look at all the people who don’t have so much empathy for me and for Canelo or because of the boxers we trained, they attacked us a lot on that side (doping) ”, he added Eddy. “I think that in the end the disciplined fighters, and dedicated to the gym, at the end of the story always stay where they should be.”

Eddy Reynoso and his legacy in the Canelo Team

Also, the trainer sealed that the only thing he will continue to do is prepare even more so that more boxers will continue to search for him.

“The only thing I have done in my career in boxing as a coach is to learn as much as I can, continue to nurture myself with knowledge. I will continue to investigate the techniques of Asians, Europeans, African Americans,” he said.

“I have worked with many world champions and it is for what they pay me and for what they hire me, to teach boxers the technique that I am developing in my gym, discipline, perseverance so that they continue to reach me boxers,” he said. .

“It is not easy to build a legacy and that nothing else because two or three people who are out there who are not well informed and begin to want to belittle your work tarnish a career that has taken me 20 years to build,” he said.

Eddy reynoso

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