Point by point: this is Arsene Wenger’s project to hold the World Cup every two years

Point by point: this is Arsene Wenger's project to hold the World Cup every two years

FIFA continues to work and do everything in its power to move forward holding the World Cup every two years and Arsene Wenger would seem to be the key to realizing his idea. The former Arsenal manager, the organization’s current Director of World Football Development, He presented in a conference his main points to reach the new era of “football of the future” and “improve the competition of world football”.

First of all, Wenger stated that he proposes to put both footballers and fans at the center of the scene. With the complaints of the players about such a tight schedule, Arsene said that his idea is to play “relevant matches” increasing not the number of matches but the quality of them. In this way, there would be less travel for the players, less Stop and go, and would ensure greater rest for athletes. “We want to give the fans what they demand at the moment, which is nothing other than relevant matches,” he closed with respect to the fans.

Another important section in this idea for Wenger is to narrow the gap between confederations, since “Many confederations do not have access to top-level matches, so they do not have options to reduce the differences between them and the large confederations”. Relying on the different geographical areas where young talents are born, Wenger said that the current schedule “is out of date” and that a modification is necessary so that all the promises have their opportunities..

Wenger also emphasized the distribution between club and national football, which currently stands at 80-20 in favor of the institutions. The Development Director wants to maintain this distribution, but seeks to ensure an efficient organization of it. regrouping and reducing the preliminary phases, creating longer spaces for athletes to stay with their clubs and guaranteeing rest periods.

With this idea, a World Cup could be held in 2026 so that in 2027 all the continental tournaments will regroup and thus leave the track clear for a new World Cup in 2028.

Wenger’s last point relates to the “new mentality of football and globalization”. For Arsene, this proposal opens the way to a new mentality that responds to a society that is constantly moving and is always in search of the immediate answer. “The UEFA European Championship was postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic, and it was a fantastic competition. And next year we have the World Cup. I don’t think this is a problem.. I would even say that it seems that the EURO is over a long time ago, and that we are all looking forward to the next World Cup.“, he pointed.

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