Tyson Fury felt compassion for Joshua after loss to Usyk, coach reveals


Tyson fury felt compassion towards Anthony Joshua, after his categorical defeat to Oleksandr Usyk, in which he lost his titles.

This was revealed SugarHill Steward, coach of Fury, which revealed what his pupil expressed when he saw the reactions of the press and their criticism of Joshua for the defeat before Usyk.

Tyson has been widely criticized in his life. Understand what it is, ”he said. Steward to talkSPORT. “No matter how much they want to fight, he is still human and Tyson feel compassion (for Joshua) “.

Steward think that the things that you have been through Tyson fury they encourage you to be more empathetic.

“In that sense, because of the things he went through, the things that he has been ridiculed for, not everything is just what we see on the outside. As you know Tyson he has had internal problems ”, continued the coach. “He still has to deal with those things, so you never know what those kinds of things can do to a person.”

Tyson Fury was moved by Joshua’s loss to Usyk

Tyson fury was impressed, and not pleasantly, with the most recent failure of Anthony Joshua. He saw the absolute superiority of Oleksandr Usyk.

“He has compassion for that and I understand it,” he explained. SugarHill Steward. “I have the same compassion for that. Two days ago he read me an article, I don’t know who was writing it ”.

“It was about Anthony Joshua, I guess they were breaking his career and the people he fought with. They kicked him in the butt and stomped on him, ”he continued.

“They hit him when he was on the ground,” he said. Steward. “He was quite upset and talked to me about it. They cheered and praised him ”.

“Now all of a sudden they kicked him while he was on the ground. That is the worst thing to do. Ready. He enjoyed it, I enjoyed it, ”said the coach.

“In fact, he has been able to learn more,” said the American. “Understand more and better understand the sport of boxing. And how to use it to your advantage ”.

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