“Against Fury I will show something more than punch,” warns Deontay Wilder


Deontay Wilder warned that he will show more than just his punch in the trilogy with Tyson fury, which will take place on October 9 in Las Vegas.

Before the cameras of Fight Hub TV, Wilder revealed to the world much of his truths about his rivalry with Fury.

“Everyone knows I have punching power, and it’s a lot,” he said. Wilder. “My punch never decreases from round 1 to 12. But I want to show something else, and not just what my punch is capable of. Like I said, I’ll hit him and then knock him out. “

Wilder ensures that this new version of himself, which promises not to depend only on the punch, is due to his new coach, Malik Scott.

“I believe in what we did in the camp,” he said. Wilder. “In my team and in the capacity that I have. Malik (Scott) brought out the best in me, but to bring it out and be able to do it consistently, I think it will be beneficial for me and I am eager to show my talent. “

Wilder does not promise to retire Tyson Fury

When asked if he will withdraw Tyson fury, Wilder ensures that it does not depend on him.

“That depends on him,” replied the American, when asked if he wanted to end the career of Fury. “I am not here to decide the fate of another man, whether he retires or not, that is his. We all know our body, we know what it has been through. We know our conditioning and we know what position we occupy in life. I will know when I want to leave and I have goals to meet before I do that. I will fulfill it and then I will leave here ”.

Deontay Wilder almost knocked out Tyson fury.

Wilder likes not being given a favorite

“I love being the B-side,” said the Bronze Bomber. “A lot of fighters love being the underdog. When you’re the B-side, you have nothing to lose and everything to prove. It’s less pressure on you. I love being in this position. God does not make mistakes, He allows certain things to happen for a reason. And so everyone will see how it happens. We have been working on everything. We have left no stone unturned ”.

Wilder also gave his opinion on the present of Usyk

In addition to warning Tyson fury with his powerful punch, Deontay Wilder he referred to Oleksandr Usyk, new world heavyweight champion.

“I like what he said Usyk“, He acknowledged Wilder. “He predicted that I will knock out Fury and he had no doubt that he would knock out Joshua and then he wants to go straight to that because he’s older and he’s serious. I really feel that he is honorable. “

“He will keep his word, because a lot of people get the belt and then start acting funny. He’s a warrior and he’s serious, so I’m looking forward to that. The only way I can retire is if I get a true champion, “he concluded.

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