Barça estimates that it will need 5 years to balance its accounts

Barça estimates that it will need 5 years to balance its accounts

With a strategy of not making large signings and taking advantage of the Masía’s talent, Barcelona will need five years to balance its finances

FC Barcelona estimates that with its current viability plan and its strategic plan it will need at least five years to “balance your deficit numbers“, according to the calculations of the general director of the club, Ferran Reverter.

This was explained in a meeting with journalists, in which he specified, however, that this does not imply that the club “cannot sign (players) or have a competitive team.”

Reverter assured that if Barça continues to do its homework and reduce the wage bill “it will be able to sign a crack or two” in the coming seasons.

The great advantage we have is that we don’t need to sign 10 or 15 players“, he assured in relation to the potential of players from La Masia, the club’s quarry.

On the other hand, it has ratified that the club’s budget for the 2021-2022 season provides for the end of the year with benefits of 5 million euros.

To meet these provisions, Reverter said that it is necessary to continue reducing the wage bill, since the ideal would be for it to be 55% in relation to income, but that the objective is to place it at 61% next year. And also ensure that the stadium opens its capacity to full and a good management of players when the market begins.

However, the top executive of the Barça entity has stressed that already this season the club plans to reduce its debt, and has added that these 1,350 million euros of liabilities that were reached in March, including future commitments, are “the maximum” of debt you will have.

In fact, the club foresees that the bank debt will begin to be reduced in a period of two years, as soon as the agreed grace period ends.

It should be remembered that Barça has obtained a 10-year loan of 595 million from Goldman Sachs with an interest of 1.98%. And Reverter wanted to highlight the financial conditions so advantageous for the entity.

This board has a plan that investors have bought us, a plan that has a lot of credibility and that wants to make FC Barcelona continue to be the best club in the world“, he stressed.

For this reason, and despite the bad public image that he has admitted that the review of the alleged irregularities of the previous meeting can generate, he wanted to send a message of optimism and trusts in future initiatives to recover income, such as Espai Barça , the monetization of “the more than 400 million fans that the club has around the planet” or the entry into businesses such as e-Sports.

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