Canelo Álvarez: How much money do you earn and what is your fortune at the sports level and by image?

Fortuna Canelo Álvarez

Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez You can afford to wear a designer outfit before every fight, travel by private jet and split the bill for a dinner with the richest men in the country. Why? Canelo Álvarez’s fortune is immense and he allows it, his more than 15 years as a professional boxer have left him juicy earnings.

The cinnamon He was the only Mexican to appear on Forbes’ list of the highest paid athletes of 2020. In the mentioned year, Álvarez brought in $ 37 million, 35 in salaries and awards, two more from sponsorships.

The fortune of Canelo Álvarez in his career:

According to data from The Ring and The Athletic, For each fight, the Mexican bills for DAZN between 20 and 25.5 million dollars.

Photo: Canelo (Instagram)

On LEFT PUNCH We explain the money that Canelo Álvarez has made throughout his career.

Prior to his contract with DAZN in 2018, the Mexican had generated 116 million dollars in his entire career, the first contract he signed. Saul Alvarez with DAZN it was rescinded in November 2020 and could not collect the promised 365 million, but it entered a part for the fights made.

In 2019, it had a turnover of 75 million dollars and 37 million generated in 2020. The cinnamon has a new contract with DAZN, but without the presence of Golden Boy Promotions.

In 2021, Canelo adds two fights, against Avni Yildirim billed 30 million dollars and in victory with Billy joe, generated 35 million in profits. That is, even before his fight against Caleb Plant, the Mexican had had income of 65 million dollars so far this year.

In his entire career, Saúl Álvarez has generated an estimated profit of 293 million dollars.

The businesses of the Mexican boxer:

“I want to be a billionaire in business. I did not study, I come from very low but I like to learn, I like to know many things. I could retire and now I could live in peace, but I like what I do, boxing is my life, until I can, I will continue here. I have always wanted boxing to be nothing more than a pleasure, something that I love, not doing it for money ”, in an interview with journalist Graham Bensinger.

He did not study, but the boxer has known how to play an important role as a businessman. In 2010, Canelo established its first business Canelo Shows, created to promote, hire, design and organize artistic, sporting and musical shows, as well as advice and consultancy in advertising, communication and the administration and operation of companies.

Ten years later, he founded SSA Capitales y Más, he is in charge of promoting, establishing, organizing, exploiting and participating in the capital of all types of commercial and civil companies, associations, financial institutions. It operates in national territory as well as abroad.

Not all, during the pandemic it spread with the creation of Canelo Energy, Upper, Upper Energy and CA.

  • Canelo Energy: the pugilist intends to open between 90 and 100 gas stations throughout Mexico
  • CA: waste and scrap recycling, air purification and water treatment, printing services, food and beverage preservation
  • Upper: sells and distributes battery and cable adapters and accessories for phones
  • Other Upper services: food products of animal origin, vegetables, vegetables and legumes canned, frozen, refrigerated, dried and cooked

In the future he intends to sell products for the intimate care of women through Upper.

With information from Forbes, El Economista, El Míster and Sportekz.


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