Expert Consultation: Pitching Strategy and Bad Run, Keys to Boston’s Win

Expert Consultation: Pitching Strategy and Bad Run, Keys to Boston's Win

The Boston Red Sox defended their home with gallantry and secured a ticket to the American League Division Series against some New York Yankees who were not rivals at any point in the game.

It was a quiet game where there were no too controversial plays that had an impact on the final result.

The Yankees’ base run did attract attention, a team that had given in offensively to pressure in the last three games of the regular season, when one of the wild card spots was played. In that triad of crashes, he had only been able to score six runs.

Faced with such a scenario, it was predicted that the Bronx Mules would try to take advantage of every favorable offensive moment to score and it was not.

ESPN Digital editor and writer Damian L. Delgado Averhoff agrees there was no groundbreaking play that changed the fate of the game, but he did criticize Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin.

“I would send Nevin to grow corn on a farm in Iowa. An MLB coach can’t fail in the rude way he did. You can be wrong, it’s human, but his decision to send Aaron to the plate Judge in the sixth inning with a Giancarlo Stanton hit wouldn’t take a rookie. “

“With runner in first and a solo out, losing by two, it is played safe. You don’t risk it. ABC of baseball. Base runners need to be accumulated. This became more evident and painful because with that decision he frustrated the probable rally Yankees, argued Averhoff. “It’s not the same Joey Gallo hitting with two outs and runner in second, than to do it with runners in the corners and a single out. As well as the change in circumstances, after Boston’s defensive success on the play, it took pressure off starter Nathan Eovaldi. “

Hector Cruz, Senior Editor at ESPN Digital, agreed that the Yankees’ horrible base run hurt his chances. “Giancarlo Stanton not only hit one, but two superb lines towards the Green Monster, which could change the face of the game. In the same first inning, and for reasons known only to himself, he did not start running since he hit the ball. , which turned a possible double, and a threat against Eovaldi at the start of the game, into a mere 400-foot single. “

For Cruz, the difference in the game was marked by Boston’s pitching and the precision of manager Alex Cora. “Nathan Eovaldi looked like a Cy Young all night. He dominated the powerful Yankee lineup at will. But in the sixth inning, he began to show signs of exhaustion, and Alex Cora didn’t even hesitate to turn to a bullpen that responded to him in big, allowing only one hit the rest of the way. “

Along the same lines, the analysis of Leonte Landino, journalist and producer of ESPN, who also considers that the key to the game was the pitching strategy established by Alex Cora. “He made a great pitching plan. The Yankees’ lineup constantly saw straights over 97 miles and broken high-speed, high-impact pitches. When it works, the way it worked, there’s little chance of victory.”

“I must admit,” added Landino, “that there was also some bad luck for the Yankees because Giancarlo Stanton’s three hits were practically home runs, although the first two missiles were blocked by Fenway’s Green Monster. In another park, no doubt, the The game would have been different. Those three hits, plus the miscalculation of the third-rate coach sending Aaron Judge home, who was sentenced at the plate, were the differences not to see a more even game. “

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