Forget what you think you know, the MLB postseason isn’t about the best team.

Forget what you think you know, the MLB postseason isn't about the best team.

With short series and no room for mistakes, the Major League Baseball postseason is a scenario to adapt to, no matter what was done during the regular season.

“Sometimes it looks horrible, but 93 times this year it didn’t look horrible. To win in October it has to be like that, with contributions from everyone ”, were the words of Alex Cora after Boston Red Sox, the team that entered the postseason with the worst odds of winning the World Series, will defeat one of the year’s big favorites, New York Yankees.

The postseason is a strange scenario in the sense that what you did for 162 games assures you little. Winning more games than any of the other teams gives you the advantage of playing at home throughout the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean you have a guaranteed victory and even less against teams that played well on the road throughout the year.

Classifying better seeded than your opponent is not a security of anything, since we have seen on several occasions how the teams that arrive thanks to the Wild card, they eliminate big favorites (Nationals upon Dodgers in 2019).

Simply put, being the best team (or being among the best) in the regular season ensures absolutely nothing in October baseball.

There is a saying in baseball that the best team doesn’t always win games. This applies like a glove to the postseason, because the postseason isn’t about which team is the best among the top ten. It’s about which team can best adapt to the circumstances and more importantly, which team can get into a winning streak fast.

That’s the nature of short series, who can get the outs, who can hit the home runs, who can bring the run to the plate. Great hitters in the regular season just shut down in the postseason, as well as pitchers, and all of a sudden, those teams that were seen as big favorites are surprisingly beaten, despite having the “best” weapons.

This is where the much-mentioned intangibles of the game find their importance. The leadership, the communication, the clubhouse atmosphere, even claiming the teammates strongly in the middle of the game (remember Chris Sale yelling at a party World Series against the Dodgers in 2018?). Each and every one of the elements that cannot be measured with any statistics are those that give a different dimension to the teams.

Baseball is a fickle sport, so it should come as no surprise when it is said that the best team does not always win. The party of Wild card of the American league was proof of that (the own Cora admitted how much they learned after being swept up at Fenway Park a little over a week ago) and the chances that, in the future, even the immediate, something similar will happen, are quite high.

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